Keynote Speech by James P.O’ Neill Police Commissioner City of NY at ASIS-2017

James P. O’Neill was appointed the 43rd police commissioner of the City of New York by Mayor Bill de Blasio in September 2016. He had served previously as chief of department, the NYPD’s highest uniformed rank. He was instrumental in developing neighborhood policing, which is renewing and recasting the NYPD’s patrol function to provide greater police and community interaction and collaboration.

Widely experienced in both the patrol and the investigative sides of the department, Commissioner O’Neill is a hands-on police practitioner and a dedicated police reformer. He speaks with urgency about the need for police to evolve if they are to succeed in connecting with communities, and about keeping people safe in the 21st century.

Police Commissioner O’Neill began his law enforcement career in 1983 with the Transit Police, which was then an independent police department. He credits his time on patrol on the trains and platforms of the subway system with helping him learn how to interact and communicate with a wide range of people, a skill he regards as essential to successful police work. He had risen to lieutenant by the time of the 1995 merger of the Transit Police with the NYPD.

As a lieutenant in the NYPD, he worked at the police academy and the warrant squad before being promoted to captain and executive officer in the 52nd Precinct in the northern Bronx. He served as the commanding officer of three successive precincts: Central Park, the 25th Precinct in eastern Harlem, and the 44th Precinct in the western Bronx. He was C.O. of the 25th Precinct during the attacks of September 11th and remembers being proud of the way his fellow officers from all across the department came together to help and protect people during that crisis.

Neighborhood policing—which is a crime-fighting plan above all else—has been implemented in more than half of New York City precincts, as well as all of the NYPD Housing Bureau police service areas, and is serving more than three million New Yorkers. It is the largest, best-funded, best-staffed community-policing initiative ever undertaken in the United States. Commissioner O’Neill’s reforms are taking hold and will have a far-reaching and positive influence all across New York City.

Commissioner O’Neill grew up in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn and was one of seven children. He has two sons, Daniel and Christopher. He is an avid hockey player and motorcyclist.

Commissioner O’Neill has a clear vision of where he is taking the.

/2/”> New York City Police Department.

“Fighting crime is what we get paid to do,” he says. “But we can’t do that unless we achieve full partnership with the community. Unless we have that connectivity, it’s not going to work.”

We at World Liberty TV , had  pleasure of meeting James P.O’ Neill  Police Commissioner City of NY, at ASIS International /New York Chapter Luncheon  ,where Commissioner O’ Neill  was honored as the Person of the Year ,awarded the highest award ASIS International presents annually, see what he had to say in his speech .

See more about James P.O’ Neill  Police Commissioner City of NY, in our World Liberty TV Political Channel by clicking here.

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