Mayor Eric Adam’s first 100 Days & the future of NYC at Kings Theatre Brooklyn NY-2022

BY: Liliana R. Suarez, Senior Editor for World Liberty TV     Photography by Al Caplan (c)

The Event started at Kings Theatre Brooklyn New York, the program started with The moderator introducing Detective Makia Brown, who performed the National Anthem, Firefighter Regina Wilson, Fire Department performed the Lift Every Voice and Sing.

Detective Makiah Brown Performing National Anthem

After that the Religious leaders were introduced and bestowed a blessing and bought greetings for the Mayor. Imam Hassan Akbar, Bishop Victor Brown, Rabbi Moishe Indig, Venerable Youwang Shih, and Rabbi Rachel Timoner.

100 Days of Getting Stuff Done


Mayor Adams, was introduced by the Moderator, he came out to Frank Sinatra’s Classic Song New York, New York. He had two pictures clutched in his hands one of his mother and another one of the First Black Mayor of New York City, Mayor David Dinkins. He placed his mother’s picture on the right side of the podium, and mayors Dinkins on the left side, as he was on the podium in the center.

Mayor Adams giving breakdown of Budget

The Mayor started off ,with I feel sorry for people that live in a small town and don’t live in New York. Just a good feeling, where we are, my fellow New Yorkers. We are here together at last. For two years, we have lived in an alternate version of our city, separated from friends, families, and colleagues, worried about going to school, to work, about staying healthy and our fear was justified.

Mayor Adams Speaking about his accomplishments

The pandemic has hollowed out our economy and threatened people’s livelihoods, stability, and mental health. Housing prices remain out of the reach of working people of this city. Too many of our brothers and sisters are living on the streets, in need of support and shelter. People are still dying from gun violence. It breaks my heart over and over. It keeps me up night after night. New Yorkers have a right to be angry, a right to expect more, to feel safe, to be safe, to know that your city is looking out for you, your family, and those in need. That is why we went all in, and will continue to say, we’re getting stuff done during this first 100 days.

Dr Abbey with an Organ on display at Kings Theatre

Let’s look at the numbers in the first 100 days. Listen to this, New Yorkers. People are asking what your Police Department is doing. We removed 2,300 illegal guns off our street, 23 illegal guns. And so when you hear people say, “We don’t need our police.” Let me tell you right here and right now, I will support my police and we will make our city a safe city. And there’s a covenant and commitment I’m giving to you. We will give the police the tools they deserve and they require, but my men and women that black wear blue uniform, we will not be abusive to the public that we swore to serve and protect. That is our obligation. That’s the partnership.

Detective Makiah Brown Performing National Anthem

We have added nearly 100,000 new beds for homeless New Yorkers, moved 2,500 families into shelters, and placed another 2,700 New Yorkers into subsidized housing. Let’s be clear, New Yorkers, there is no dignity in sleeping on the streets. There is no dignity in sleeping on the streets. Our fellow brothers and sisters deserve better, and we’re going to give them better. But this is only the start of our efforts to revitalize and rebuild the city. Now is the time to look to the future. To get there, we need a vision. One that we can all share in.

Dr Abbey with Mayor Eric Adams

How do I tell you to manage your household when we are not managing your tax dollars in our city? We will do that, what we are asking you to do. We are adding 200 million dollars to the rainy day fund, bringing a total level of reserves to a new record of 6.3 billion dollars in fiscal year 2023, the highest it has ever been. This successful management of our resources will allow us to increase investments and critical priorities, fund transformative new policies. Most importantly, it will allow us to devote resources to upstream solutions, not only downstream demands.

Dr Abbey at the Legendary Kings Theatre in Brooklyn

The plan ensures that the NYPD is laser focused on apprehending the small number of individuals responsible for the majority of gun trafficking and shootings in our city. And we are not going it alone. Together in partnership with President Biden, Governor Hochul, and law enforcement agencies at the local, state, and federal level, we’re working to cut off the flow of illegal guns into our city and crack down on repeat offenders.

Ezra Friedlander with a guest

Our working waterfronts in Sunset Park and Staten Island, we are establishing New York city as a global offshore wind hub to power our future and create thousands of jobs. And across the water on Governors Island, we are building a new academic campus. It will become fantasy island. We’re going to do the research and test climate solutions for New Yorkers and the entire globe.

Mayor Adams honoring Essential workers

Mayor Adams, went on to say: We don’t have to agree with each other all the time. I don’t agree with myself all the time. But we have to agree that we have to live together to build a city of hope, equity and justice, a city that will light the way and lead the nation. I know. That’s what mommy told me. When I was a little boy walking on the stage to do his speech, I felt the nervousness in the pit of my stomach. She leaned over to me, she said, “Baby, you got this.” As I walked on this stage today, I heard mommy’s voice, “Baby, you got this,” and I want to say to you, New Yorkers, you got this. We got this. We will make it happen. There are only two types of Americans, those who live in New York and those who wish they could. You got this.

Dr Abbey with Ingrid Lewis Martin Chief Advisor to Mayor Eric Adams

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