My Time Inc’s 11th Annual Fun’draiser Gala Event-2019

By;Betty Coker, Editor in Chief  For World Liberty TV

Theme: “It’s Your Turn”  The Mission of My Time Inc. is to Support, Educate, Empower, Enlighten and Uplift parents of a child diagnosed with Autism and Developmental Disabilities to live a quality of life they deserve in their Community.

Lucina Clarke Founder My Time Inc

Executive Director and Co-Founder Lucina Clarke is the thread that is woven deep within the fabric of My Time Inc. and can be described as an innovator due to the creation of a service that is a vital   component to a parent of a child with Autism and Developmental Disabilities.

In retrospect, she has been on a journey of great proportion capturing the attention of her peers as well as those who perpetuate humanity while bringing attention to parent support.

Lucina has won various awards for her work at My Time Inc.

Brett Scudder of Scudder Intervention Services Foundation Inc., Honoree Making a speech

Henceforth, My Time Inc. held its annual event to honor and salute not only the parents we serve who worked tirelessly and selflessly while advocating for their loved ones; but those who worked within the industry who play an intricate part as it relates to raising a child on the spectrum.

This year’s honorees were: Akosua Mainu , My Time Inc. Parent,  Brett Scudder                     Scudder Intervention Services Foundation Inc., Marlon and Camille Sealy ,My Time Inc. Parent,Muriel Linetsky ,Retired….. OPWDD and  Sharlyn Richmond ,Caregiver.

Consul General of Barbados O ST.EMackie Holder with his wife

About  MY Time Inc: Parent Support is not a new Phenomenon but My Time Inc is bringing a new and dynamic Perspective to it

It is a specific objective of My Time Inc to target parents of children diagnosed with  Autism and Developmental Disabilities and other related disabilities or disorders that are often overlooked and not given enough support to deal with the stresses of raising a child with a disability. The parents are engaged in supportive circles, parent educational training, development of skills in recreational, social and play to enhance and increase their relationship with their children.

The Logo Says it all

My Time Inc provides a haven for the parents to feel accepted and not be judged as a parent of a child with special needs. Parents benefit by communicating about their feelings, insights and questions with other parents.

On July of 2004, Lucina Clarke was frustrated in seeing a  disconnect between children, parent and education. She witnessed parents’ frustration in managing their children development and the lack of awareness of the resources that was available. The parents despair and tiredness from their consistent day-in and day-out stresses without a respite. She felt their pain and decided to do what she can to help parents.

Hundreds in attendance at Gala 2019

So she formed a volunteer group “The Canarsie Parent Support Group for Individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities”. The group met on a monthly basis to discuss issues, share and exchange information relating to Autism and other related developmental disabilities.

They provide support and network with other families, conduct workshops on various techniques to assist parents in developing functional and social environment at home and their community but it work! It provided parents with a platform to obtain and give support, the village was present. So Lucina knew she had to build on this success that gave her so much satisfaction. So in 2007 she formed My Time Inc.

Dj Scampi with his daughter and friend Allison Alexis

My Time Inc. provided and still provides parents with support and a place where they can express themselves, discuss issues relating to themselves and their children and not be judged or criticized for being a parent of a special needs child. A safe refuge from all of the daily activities of their lives.

As My Time Inc. continue to evolve it will stay true to its core providing quality, reliable and trustworthy information to the parents and caregivers of children with disabilities.

Akosua Mainu My Time Inc. Parent, being honored

Lucina is always advocating and asking these questions to everyone. What about the parents? Doesn’t parents need times for themselves? Who will support them? And Lucina answer is the same, My Time Inc. She tells everyone “I am blessed with the ability to work with parents and provide this service. My Time Inc. is a place for parents to go to and call their own. This is My Time Inc.’s destiny”.

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