NSA Trade Show at Resorts Casino NY-2022

The NSA Sales and Trade Show Organized by the National Supermarket Association, the event attracts companies seeking to showcase and sell their products and services to buyers from the independent supermarket sector.  The event offers a unique opportunity to interact with supermarket owners and managers.

Those companies seeking to establish or improve their relationship with 400+ independent supermarkets in the East Coast.

The NSA Sales & Trade Show will focus on current and new international, national, regional, and local companies looking to serve the independent supermarket industry.

It was a truly great a great event with close to 300 hundreds of companies, like Goya, Coco Cola, Friendly’s Ice Cream, Mama Ices, Pepsi and many companies, from Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and many more companies throughout Latin and Central America.

All the companies were showcasing many of their products, aimed at the Hispanic community here in New York and the USA. There were so many thousands of products showcased.

You also had an opportunity to taste many of the products. Many coffees from Colombia Juan Valdez, were exhibiting and showcasing many of their brands, other coffee brands came from Peru, Ecuador, Santo Domingo.

Mayor Eric Adams was in attendance, he walked around with the NSA, Officers meeting many vendors and stopping at their booths and talking to them, and thanking each and every one of them. Mayor Adams went onto to say, I thank NSA, for all the support to have me elected as the mayor and I pledge my support in any way to help NSA.

About  NSA: Founded in 1989 by Hispanic entrepreneurs, the NSA is a trade association that represents the interest of independent supermarket owners in New York and other urban cities throughout the East coast, Mid-Atlantic region and Florida.

Beginning in the mid-seventies, these entrepreneurs had the courage of opening supermarkets in areas abandoned by the large chains, as they were economically depressed and mostly minority neighborhoods.

These men and women had the vision and the commitment to fill a vacuum in those communities, at a time when the term “food desert” had not even been coined. Currently, many NSA members continue to serve those areas by offering healthy foods and full service supermarkets.

The association has grown dramatically in the last two decades and currently provides its members hands on representation in both the private and public sectors and advocates issues that impact the entire supermarket industry.

Current membership represents approximately 400 supermarkets. Most members are of Hispanic descent, and their stores are predominantly located in minority neighborhoods.

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