Paname Petite Brasserie French restaurant NYC Review-2019

By: World Liberty TV Food and Wine Channel Review Team

After 17 years of running the well-known Meli Melo restaurant and after it caught fire

(literally), Chef Bernard Ros moved to 1068 Second Avenue at 56th a few years ago and opened . An upscale French bistro called Paname (a nickname for Paris).

Bernard Ros Owner Executive Chef with Miriam Silverberg & WLTV Tasting Team

He offers a truly original menu and a unique presentation which is Moderately priced. Prix Fixe lunch is $26 and dinner is $43 and,of course, there is ala carte.

Ros, whose previous Meli Melo was one of the first fine restaurants on lower Madison Avenue and was a major player in developing The area into the culinary destination it is today.

With Paname Ros is going back to his roots with a French menu to which he gives a Modern twist.  His innovative menu incorporates the best of the seasons and is served in generous portion.

Art Work throughout the restaurant

Ros was born in Paris, traveled all over the world as a restaurant consultant and had owned many restaurants in Manhattan. Paname, Having been in business a number of years, is already a neighborhood favorite.

Ros is considered one of the most knowledgeable People in the restaurant business  and is known as his own employment agency, helping waiters, chefs and others find jobs.

Tuna Tartar with light sesame Chili oil

Ros says, “I wanted to attract the neighborhood with friendly, unpretentious service and gentle pricing to build friendships and a repeat Clientele for years to come.”

This he has done and his friendly hospitality has made him one of the last individual restaurateurs in the city.

French Onion Soup

The softly colored walls and dramatic modern art deco-like paintings which adorn the walls of Paname provide a chic background and Modern appeal to the dining experience.

Our World Liberty TV, Food and wine team had the pleasure of reviewing Paname Petite Brasserie French restaurant  NYC, last week.

Full bar for all your drinks

Chef Bernard Ros, Executive Chef and Owner alongside his chefs prepared many dishes for us to taste, we started of with Shrimp Cocktail, Tuna Tartar with light sesame Chilli Oil, which was served with Tuna on a plate, with Chilli Oil, and served with delicious bread, I have never seen Tuna Tartar prepared like this in all the years I have eat tuna, throughout the world, this is a must try appetizer.

Then we moved on with Appetizers, we had Beet Salad with Cream of Goat cheese, Lentil Salad topped with Chevre and Tomato Mozzarella and Sprinkled With Basil, this was a great appetizer small Tomatoes Chopped in half with a nice generous slice of mozzarella Cheese , laying on a nice oil bed, very unique, and yes you do get a generous portion of each of the appetizers.

Sauteed Shrimp Vadovvan in Potatoe nest on a bed of Rice

The main dish we had the following dishes, Organic Chicken breast with Compote D’Aubergines with pine nuts and Thyme, a wonderful chicken dish for the chicken lover.

I tried the Sautéed Cod fish a la Nicoise tomato Fondant, a very unique way of preparing fish, very tasty and the sauce compliments the fish to bring the rich flavors out of it.

Tomato Mozzarella and Basil

Our next dish was Sautéed Shrimp Vadovvan in potato nest on a bed of rice, this dish looks so wonder and artistic, it’s a master piece the way it is presented on the plate, and again it tastes even better each shrimp cooked to perfection.

The last dish was tasted by Big Al, (A.K.A.) The Eater for very good reasons, Big Al tasted the Niman ranch pork Scallopini with wild mushroom cream sauce, he could not believe that the pork Chops tasted like veal chops, the way they were cooked and tasted, which he enjoyed immensely.

Sauteed Cod Fish a la Nicoise Tomato Fondant

Then we had desserts, which are baked on the premises, fresh daily Chocolate cake, Chocolate Mousse Cake and French style Creme Brulee, all the desserts tasted good, we had a nice hot chocolate, as well as a cappuccino.

There is a full wine selection, alongside a full liquor bar, which you can enjoy alongside great service, Christina was our waitress who did a wonderful job of serving us throughout our review tasting process, always pleasant and smiling.

Chocolate Volcano Cake

The Prices for this restaurant , are very low, as we asked Chef/ Owner  Bernard Ros, why he kept the prices so low, he told us he wanted people to enjoy good food at a great price alongside a great service.

Complimentary Cookies

Well we highly Paname Petite Brasserie French Restaurant  NYC, good food, service ane very economical and the décor inside the restaurant is out of this world, all the art work reminds you in you are dining in Paris. Paname seats 50 comfortably for dining and 75 standing for open bar and canapés.

Out of 5 points we will give 4.5 points,  Paname Petite Brasserie French Restaurant  NYC, for more info about Paname Petite Brasserie French Restaurant  NYC, click here.

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