San Diego California Tour-2018

We did the following tour for San Diego in California, for our World Liberty TV , Travel and Tourism Channels, we have to say it is very impressive the history San Diego has to offer the world.

A little History of San Diego: ALONZO ERASTUS HORTON stepped off a San Francisco steamer and strolled ashore in 1867 on land that would become the center of a new San Diego, he was awed by what he found. “I have been nearly all over the world,” said the man who would one day be known as the father of New San Diego, “and this is just the prettiest place for a city I ever saw.”

In 1996, as the region comes out of one of its deepest recessions and aims toward a new century, most experts are in agreement on San Diego’s promising future. While our land will always be of prime value (the speculators will always be with us), and while tourism will continue to flourish (it’s our number-three industry), San Diego’s destiny seems inextricably tied to its burgeoning growth in the high-tech, biotech and communications fields. And those clean, cutting-edge industries of the 21st century should help maintain what San Diego has preserved of the paradise discovered by the San Dieguito, the Kumeyaay, Cabrillo, Vizcaíno, Portolá, Serra and Horton.

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