The 16th Annual Rainbow/PUSH Wall Street Project Economic Summit – 2013

Three day conference with many accomplishments from the career symposium, to the business of Hip Hop, to discussing business opportunities in Africa to procurement opportunities to the Small Business Institution. Attendees were able to walk away with real connections and strategies for economic success.

At the top of the day, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson held a press briefing where he gave brief remarks on the passing of Mayor Ed Koch stating that ‘his efforts will be remembered as he served and lived an extraordinary life…I offered up prayers for him in the months he was ailing.” During the briefing Rev. Jackson went on to state that we need to make a new commitment to reinvest in America, “investing in women and people of color is the business.”
The following events took place:
The Labor Breakfast: Assault on Labor Unions, The Business of Sports panel moderated by Curtis Symonds, Chief Executive Officer, HBCU, The Civil Rights and Economic Justice Ministers Luncheon.
Rev. Al Sharpton gave the audience a history lesson in Civil Rights and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s mission, and how he charged Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. with continuing that legacy.
The luncheon attendees were driven to their feet with a speech about reconstruction by one on the 21th century’s most prolific pastors Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III of Friendship West Baptist Church in Dallas, TX.
World Liberty TV’s team was on hand for the three days and also had the pleasure of interviewing Rev. Jesse Jackson, the founder of the Rainbow/PUSH, Wall Street Project.

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