The Future of Climate Summit, (FOCS) at the prestigious Denton’s Law Firm-2023

BY: Liliana Rocio, Senior Editor for World Liberty TV

Future of Climate Summit” The Nexus of Innovation and Capital Upcoming forum will foster solutions working toward a beautiful future of climate reform.

R-L Nicole Enslein Co-Chair of FOC 2023 with Co-Chair Christian Schmitz & Joerg Geier

The Purpose Driven Innovation Ecosystem (PDIE) Group, the No. 1 Earth shot Prize nominator, and Sublime Communications, a leading communication agency known for driving hyper-growth, will be kicking off the first in its series of curated events designed to unite thought leaders, innovators, and investors.

This seminal event, dedicated to climate reform, serves as a platform in the journey towards building a more sustainable, equitable and brighter future for generations to come.

Christian Schmitz Founder PDIE Welcoming Guests

“The Future of Climate Summit,” (FOCS) will be held on September 15, 2023, the week prior to Climate Week, and will be hosted at the prestigious Denton’s Law Firm in midtown Manhattan.

Christopher B Tillson of Dentons Law Firm Hosts of the event

Key topics included: sustainable cities and rural revitalization, decarbonization, Circular Economies-Nature-Based Solutions and e-waste, energy transition, Biodiversity and Nature Capital, Green Transformation Via Capital Infusion.

There is a sense of urgency, as climate change could be irreversible by 2030, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations body for assessing the science related to climate change.

Dr Abbey with Betsy Rosenberg Founder Green TV & a Guest

The FOCS bought together a highly select group of distinguished solution providers, family offices, investors, and global leaders to address the pressing challenges of the climate crisis and provide a dynamic platform where experts, visionaries, and change-makers can freely share and exchange their knowledge, expertise, and innovations with the goal of tackling the most pressing issues that affect the planet.

Dr Abbey with Mother & Daughter Climate Advoactes Geraldine Patrick Encina & Xiye Bastida

Esteemed panelists and guest speakers included: Augusto Lopez- Claros, Chairman of the World Governance Forum; Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Co-Chair, International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change, UNIPP Executive Committee, National Geographic Explorer; Xiye Bastida, climate justice activist, organizer, author and speaker.

Dr Abbey with Bill Marcus Partner Green Axs Capital

Vaitea Cowan, Enrapter Co- Founder and 2021 Earthshot prize winner; Dr. Luke Haverhals, CEO and

Founder of NFW, cutting-edge solution providers nominated for the Earthshot Prize by the PDIE Group, among many other distinguished guests.

Dr Abbey with Augusto Lopez Claros Exec Dir Global Governance Forum

These providers, recognized for their exceptional contributions to combat climate change, will have a unique opportunity to present their groundbreaking ideas among a captive audience, connect with potential investors, and collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are committed to improving the climate outcome for all.

Close to 100 people in attendance

The Future of Climate Summit will commence with a networking, providing attendees an opportunity to build meaningful connections and foster community.

Throughout the afternoon, there were moderated panel discussions and focus speakers who will exploring innovative strategies, emerging technologies, and best practices in various sectors of sustainability, as well as a lunch including food from WhatIF Foods and tea and coffee from Good Pharma, both summit sponsors.

Dr Abbey with Nicole Enslein & Michelle Moskowitz of Sublime Communications & Organizers of FOC 2023

Other sponsors and allies included The Earthshot Prize, Kelsier, UNA-USA, Planet Positive 2030, Denton’s, and Impact Wealth Magazine.

“We believe that by bringing together outstanding solution providers, investors, and global leaders in one place, we can accelerate the progress towards a sustainable and resilient future,” said Christian Schmitz, Founder and CEO of PDIE Group, representing the organizing committee of the FOCS.

Kat Alexander of Portable Provisions LLC Catering food for the Event

“Through engaging discussions, impactful collaborations, and the sharing of visionary ideas, we aim to create a cohesive community of doers committed to solving our climate crisis and making a lasting impact.”

“As global brand builders committed to helping companies and emerging entrepreneurs drive awareness, education and engagement, the FOCS is a game-changer for those who have truly dedicated themselves and their livelihoods to ensuring that generations to come can prosper,” said Nicole Enslein, Founder and CEO of Sublime Communications.

Kayla Miller of Energy for the Common Good

Close to 120 People were in attendance, people came from Ghana, West Africa, Mexico, London, Dubai and literary from all around the world, to be part of FOC, Climate Change Summit. This was wonderful to see that everyone in attendance was concerned about this matter and came with one goal which was to see how they can help with Climate, change.

Laquelle Mari Emcee of FOC Summit & Systems Analyst at Sublime Communications

Most of the people I spoke in attendance were very happy listening to panels and networking with many experts in the audience, enjoying refreshments, and enjoying a wonderful Vegan luncheon, which included a wonderful Watermelon Salad, Butternut Cashew Lasagna.

Keynote by Augusto Lopez Claros Exec Dir Global Governance Forum

I Personally loved this vegan dish, Dessert was a Chia Pudding with fruit and so many more mouthwatering dishes to enjoy. catered by Portable Provisions LLC, Kat Alexander owner of Event Catering Company.

I was most impressed by the opening speech by Xiye Bastida, a Climate Justice Activist and Co-Founder Reearth initiative, she opened up the united nations speech earlier and spoke how Mexico City had so much pollution and the city is sinking and things needed to be done right away, she talked about so many other things and what could be done to save our planet.

Live Violin Music

I spoke to Geraldine Patrick Encina, Xiye’s mother who is a special advisor, for One Earth and working in Mexico, with many projects worldwide, according to her, Xiye attended many conferences and was surrounded by climate people and advocates and had interest at a very young age, and continues to inspire the younger generation millenniums and older people who are so impressed with her Climate Change advocacy.

R-L Joerg Geier Co-Founder PDIE with Guests in attendance

Nicole Enslein, Founder and CEO of Sublime Communications and her team did a wonderful job of bringing stake holders together in one room, to try to help and solve this Climate situation worldwide. World Liberty TV, was proud to be a Media partner for the event.

Dr Abbey at FOC Climate Summit 2023

About PDIE Group: The PDIE (Purpose Driven Innovation Ecosystem) Group is a prominent Earthshot Prize nominator, recognizing and supporting individuals and organizations that are at the forefront of finding innovative solutions to address the urgent environmental challenges facing our planet.

R-L Joerg Gier Co-Founder PDIE Moderating a panel

With a focus on sustainable development, PDIE Group strives to promote and support projects that can make a significant positive impact on the global environment.

About Sublime Communications: Sublime Communications, a global communications agency, based in Greenwich, CT. is dedicated to driving positive change through powerful storytelling and integrated marketing services for companies including Mbanq, Gitlab, SentinelOne, Serena Williams, Eureka, and Girls with Impact, a non-profit entrepreneurship program that equips teenage girls with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to become the leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators of tomorrow.

With a passion for sustainability and social equity, Sublime Communications leverages the power of effective communications to help organizations create authentic connections and engagement, with their audiences to drive growth and build brand equity.

One of Many Panels in Progress

One of Many Panels in Progress

Denton’s Law Firm: Across over 80 countries, Denton’s helps you grow, protect, operate and finance your organization by providing uniquely global and deeply local legal solutions.

Polycentric, purpose-driven and committed to inclusion, diversity, equity and sustainability, we focus on what matters most to you.

World’s Largest Global Law Firm, because we are a purpose-driven organization, and our purpose focuses on redefining what is possible and working collaboratively on a global basis, our clients can feel confident that we will always work as a team with you.

R-L Maxine Rhen Leighton President WIIS moderating Panel

R-L Maxine Rhen Leighton President WIIS moderating Panel

Won’t be afraid to do things differently or undertake ‘firsts’ have a culture that encourages innovation    connect deeply with our colleagues and their values, prompting high retention and continuity in client service.

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