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The Future of Climate Summit, (FOCS) at the prestigious Denton’s Law Firm-2023

BY: Liliana Rocio, Senior Editor for World Liberty TV Future of Climate Summit” The Nexus of Innovation and Capital Upcoming forum will foster solutions working toward a beautiful future of climate reform. The Purpose Driven Innovation Ecosystem (PDIE) Group, the No. 1 Earth shot Prize nominator, and Sublime Communications, a leading communication agency known for driving hyper-growth,...
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Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, President of Colombia Speaking about Climate Change @ CGI -2015

Juan Manuel Santos Calderón is the 32nd and current President of Colombia, in office since 2010. He was Minister of Defense from 2006 to 2009.

An economist by profession and a journalist by trade, Santos is a member of the wealthy and influential Santos family, who from 1913 to 2007 were the majority shareholders of the El Tiempo newspaper until its sale in 2007 to Planeta DeAgostini. Shortly after graduating from the University of Kansas, he joined the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia as an economic advisor and delegate to the International Coffee Organization in London, where he also attended the London School of Economics and Political Science. In 1981, he was appointed deputy director of El Tiempo, becoming its director two years later.

In 1991, he was appointed by President César Gaviria Trujillo as Colombia’s first Minister of Foreign Trade. Santos worked in expanding international trade with Colombia, and worked in creating various agencies for this purpose including: Proexport, Bancoldex, and Fiducoldex. In 2000, he was appointed by President Andrés Pastrana Arango as the 64th Minister of Finance and Public Credit.

Santos rose to prominence during the Administration of President Álvaro Uribe Vélez. In 2005, he co-founded and led the Social Party of National Unity (Party of the U), a liberal-conservative party coalition that backed the policies of President Uribe, successfully supporting his attempt to seek a Constitutional reform to be able to run for a second term. In 2006, after Uribe was re-elected, and the Party of the U won a majority of seats in both chambers of Congress, Santos was appointed Minister of National Defence, and continued defending the security policies of President Uribe, taking a strong and forceful stance against FARC and the other guerrilla groups operating in Colombia. He oversaw rescue operations of hostages, including Operation Jaque that led to the rescue of former presidential candidate Íngrid Betancourt, three American citizens, and 11 other members of the Colombian Army that had been held for several years. Though widely viewed as a heroic endeavour that cemented Santos’ popularity, the rescue was criticised for misappropriating emblems of the International Red Cross, a violation of the Geneva Conventions.

NYC 2024 Media Event By Organic Spa Media Co at Pierre Hotel

Iconic NYC Experience Wellness & Travel media events have become the pre-eminent annual wellness media gathering in NYC. Our 2024 NYC event will be hosted again at the stunning The Pierre Hotel.

Where we will entertain 150 top-level press representatives from the health, wellness, beauty and travel sectors and also have 90+ media joining us virtually from around the globe.

Wellness travel agents and spa resort owners are invited to join us virtually throughout the day and in person after the event for our very popular “Wellness After Party”.

It was truly a great event and our 5th appearance at Organic Spa’s Experience Wellness & Travel Media Events in NYC.

Some of the topics covered included: Wellness Around the Globe Symposium & Panel Sessions. Press Conferences & Meetings with Sponsors, Trends in Wellness & Sustainable Travel.

The challenges facing the global wellness tourism industry change with the changing geopolitical landscape, with the changing climate, and with new advances in sustainability. Leaders in our industry discuss the most innovative ways they are pivoting for the good of the planet while at the same time serving consumers.

Keynote Speaker: Wellness in My Words, Nutrition and healthy lifestyle expert for the TODAY show, Joy Bauer welcomes the group with a fresh, personal perspective on what health, happiness and purposeful living means to her in this special keynote address.

Wellness Real Estate & Communities, In the ultimate sign of our times, developers are answering the call for holistically healthy spaces that serve residents of all ages and stages. Who is buying in and what can they expect from these developments?

Conversation Around Clean Beauty, New issues surrounding packaging, production and product efficacy. Icons and industry newcomers alike talk about what lies ahead for this industry.

Keynote Speaker: This is What 100 Looks Like, Organic Spa Media is honored to welcome Deborah Szekely, Founder of Golden Door and Co-Founder of Rancho La Puerta, as a 2024 keynote speaker.

A remarkable centenarian whose life spans over a century of wisdom and unparalleled experiences, she brings us a wealth of insight, illuminating the path towards the future.

Top Trends in Ingredients, Tech & Rituals, Influencers and beauty veterans share the stage to talk about what’s hot, what’s not, and what we can expect in the near future from the beauty and spa industries.

Adventure & Experiential Travel, the global wellness audience wants so much more than a vacation. They want unforgettable experiences, personal connections and lasting impact. How is the industry answering the call?

Menopause & The Microbiome, watch out, menopause is hot again! A deep discussion into the solutions being offered to women as they address their changing hormone balance.

Also a Gourmet wellness lunch prepared by Michael Mignano, executive Chef of Pierre hotel. The food was absolutely out of this world, that was the best experience I had, and I have been covering events at the Pierre hotel for the past twenty years.

About Organic Spa Media, Ltd: Since 2007, Organic Spa Media, Ltd. has been the leading authority in wellness lifestyle and travel. We offer expert advice from sources you can trust, cutting through the growing “noise” in the wellness space to share our insider knowledge from over sixteen years as the paramount media source in natural beauty and wellness.

From clean beauty products to leading spa resorts, OSM offers only the best of the best for the sophisticated wellness consumer. With community engagement initiatives like our LiveWell membership program, Shop Beauty affiliate site and more to come, we encourage our readers to empower and educate themselves to live a curated, conscious lifestyle with intention.

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IAC’s 13th Annual Gold and Diamond Conference-2023

BY: Atul Kapoor Staff Writer For World Liberty TV IAC’s 13 th Annual Gold and Diamond Conference returns to NYC this July, with a focus on “Maintaining Purpose”, a mission addressed by a stellar roster of participants from throughout the gold, diamond and jewelry sectors. The honorees for the Award for Leadership in Responsible Practice...
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Clinton Global Initiative 2022 Meeting -NYC

CGI 2022 Meeting Concludes with the Launch of 144 New Commitments to Action that Address Climate Change, Health Equity, Inclusive Economic Growth, and the Global Refugee Crisis and President Zelenskyy joined President Clinton for a conversation on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

This year’s meeting included over 2,100 leaders from across the public and private sectors, including Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; José Andrés, Founder and Chief Feeding Officer, World Central Kitchen; Xiye Bastida, Climate Justice Activist; Xavier Becerra, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services; Bono, Lead Singer of U2, Co-Founder of ONE and (RED).

Matt Damon, Co-Founder,; Thasunda Brown Duckett, President and CEO, TIAA; Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO, BlackRock; Melinda French Gates, Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Founder, Pivotal Ventures; Jennifer Granholm, U.S. Secretary of Energy; Dolores Huerta, President, Dolores Huerta Foundation; Laurene Powell Jobs, Founder and President, Emerson Collective.

Today, President Bill Clinton, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton concluded the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) 2022 Meeting, announcing 144 new Commitments to Action that address climate change, health equity, inclusive economic growth, and the global refugee crisis.

For the first time since 2016, CGI brought together global and emerging leaders to take action on the world’s most pressing challenges. Highlights from the CGI 2022 Meeting program include:

President Zelenskyy of Ukraine and President Clinton in a one-on-one conversation about the state of global affairs; the refugee crisis created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; and what members of the CGI community can do to help. Watch the conversation, and read the full transcript of the conversation here.

Secretary Clinton speaking with Malala Yousafzai about expanding education for girls worldwide, following Malala receiving the Elevate Prize Catalyst Award on stage;

It was a great pleasure to see President Clinton Back with his Clinton Global Initiative, after six years, it was a great two-day conference, with thousands of people attending all over the world, with one goal in mind how can they serve humanity, there is no better way, then the way president Clinton does it.

Bringing everybody together and do brain storming, make commitments and get things done. We have covered every Clinton Global Initiative, ( CGI), President Clinton has done throughout the years. It is amazing how he gets, Political heads from all over the World, Movie Stars, CEO’s from all sectors, Non-Profit heads and organizations, Royalty from around the world.

President Clinton truly is a great man, with a heart of gold, and saving and touching millions of lives worldwide, he has to be one of the greatest Humanitarian of our Era. Thank you for what you do and give World Liberty TV, the opportunity to share your vision with our readers worldwide.

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Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) 2022 Meeting –NYC 2022

By:Dr.Adal M.Hussain,Phd (AKA) Dr. Abbey ,Editor @ Large for World Liberty TV CGI 2022 Meeting Concludes with the Launch of 144 New Commitments to Action that Address Climate Change, Health Equity, Inclusive Economic Growth, and the Global Refugee Crisis and President Zelenskyy joined President Clinton for a conversation on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. This...
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Dr Adal M.Hussain Keynotes opad Event at United Nations NYC-2022

The United Nations Association of El Salvador (UNA-SV) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educate, inspire and promote the United Nations principles, values and the sustainable development goals in El Salvador and worldwide.

Dr. Garcia was the Permanent Representative of El Salvador to the United Nations, in New York. He has a combined diplomatic experience of over 20 years.

He also the co-founder and Secretary General of the United Nations Association of El Salvador. Prior to his appointment as the OPAD UN|USA, Latin American and the Caribbean, has work in several humanitarian organizations and represent them in the United Nations in New York. He has received several outstanding awards and recognition by the United States’ Senates and received the USA flag as an honored diplomat. Recently he received the United States’ Senate Proclamation, which certified his credibility.

OPAD aims: to improve the standard of living for all people by recognizing them as resources and not as victims. Our programs work toward the promotion of the economic and social livelihoods by empowering the people in the fight against poverty.

To mitigate the problems presented by poverty, promote positive climate change, and support international laws protecting humanitarian values across cultures.

Simultaneously we enable people, young and old, to actively participate in their community by providing them with opportunities for knowledge and access to resources.

The main developmental problems of men and women included drugs and alcohol abuse, irresponsible parenting, High illiteracy level among women, retrogressive cultural practices, inadequate lively hood opportunity and low income levels, early teenage pregnancies, school drop outs among others.

The main problem was inadequate resource ownership among men and women which is associated with money, body and education.

Project Goal:The purpose of the project will ensure that community knowledge on Violence against Women improved. While the project goal ensure that women and men in Kisii, Kakamega, Migori, Kisumu and Siaya counties will have equal access to resource ownership that will be instrumental to change people’s attitude.

Close to Twenty people were invited to the United Nations Delegate Room, to speak about the same principles of the Org for Poverty Alleviation and Development., (opad). The purpose of the event was to speak about different topics aligned with opad’s mission. World Hunger, Sustainability, Technology, Clean water.

Ambassador ,Dr. Carlos  Garcia, Secretary General of United Nations Association of El Salvador and President and CEO, opad El-Salvador. Amb. Carlos opened with remarks thanked all for being in attendance at his luncheon, he went on to say, he was very happy to have a group of business people, NGO’s , Doctors, Media Tycoons, Teachers and many more.

The following spoke on different topics, Irene R.Delgado,Phd. Spoke on the Topic Teachers and Social, media, next speaker was Dr Mashul Hassan MD, who spoke on the topic of Bangladesh, a former Veteran , he also went to speak about COVID-19.

The Next speaker was Boris Davidoff, president Clear World Corp, he was talking about clean water and how his company can help companies about getting fresh water to many countries who do not have fresh clean water, with his technologies.

Mr. Dash Former NYPD , officer spoke on his relationship with Ambassador, Carlos how they had worked with many churches here in USA as well as El-Salvador.

Keynote Speech was by Dr.Adal M.Hussain, Founder of Humanitarians of the World Inc, (HOTWINC), and publisher and Chief Editor World Liberty TV. He spoke about the 44 years he has been a humanitarian how, HOTWINC, had helped close to 1 million people worldwide. He never charged any money for his services.

Dr.Hussain also went on to say, we have helped close to 1 Million Children around the World, by giving them basic items, Food, Water, Clothing and Toys . He finished by saying we have started the World’s first ever Humanitarian Hall of Fame (TM), honoring humanitarians around the world, by giving them a medal and inducting them in the Hall of fame. He also went on to say Farida Yasmin, Executive Producer of Newly formed, American Azaan International TV, who will be debuting it very soon, showing many programs in Bangladesh, and at the United Nations.

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