The Resort & Spa at Sheri’s Ranch-2016

Nevada brothels have existed since the 1800s. The first licensed bordello opened in 1971. Nevada is the only U.S. State offering legal prostitution in a regulated brothel. However, regulated brothels are only legal in certain counties. Nevada State law prohibits prostitution in any county with a high population, such as Clark County which includes Las Vegas.

This is the official website of Sheri’s Ranch, the premier Las Vegas brothel and the state’s only full service sex resort. Sheri’s is a state certified legal cathouse offering safe, discreet, and unforgettable adult entertainment.
Sheri’s Ranch located in Pahrump (Nye County) is the closest legal Nevada brothel from Las Vegas, only 60 miles away.
Legal Nevada brothels VS Illegal prostitution. Some people believe that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas (Clark County). This is not true. Prostitutes, call girls, hookers, brothels and escort services offering sex are not legal anywhere in Las Vegas Nevada.

Las Vegas Metro Police monitor the exchange of money for sex. Be it an escort service or a prostitute, in Vegas you are guilty of a crime and can be arrested and prosecuted. Fines may be up to $1,000 and up to six months in jail. Don’t risk the embarrassment of getting arrested or spending time behind bars.
Sheri’s Ranch, a state certified legal Las Vegas area brothel, is the safest, healthiest, and best choice a person can make when seeking sex near Sin City.

See Exclusive interview with Dina Madam of Sheri’s and General manager ,right here in our World Liberty TV, Cultural Channel.

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