Diana Mahrach Fashion For All Fashion Show -2024

Diana Mahrach Couture stands for luxury, quality and heritage, and it is known for sophistication and eye-catching elegance.

The collections exude elegance and integrity, with a fashion-forward vision. Diana Mahrach started working as a teenager in 1996 as a fabric consultant and fabric buyer in New York’s garment district.

Her work with fabrics inspired Ms. Mahrach to begin designing evening wear for her clients. She has always loved beautiful fashion silhouettes and high quality design, focusing primarily on high couture evening and bridal wear.

Unique designer fabrics that you just can’t find anywhere else. Our experience and knowledge of the fashion industry.

Diana Fabrics is a store built by Diana herself and her family in 1999. Diana is a fashion-inspired girl with a love for fabrics and fashion.

She built her company from scratch with the help of a great clientele both young and old, but mostly people that appreciated the customer service.

Welcome to my world of fashion! Explore unique designs that are a reflection of my creative vision and love for style.

Step into the world of haute couture with my exclusive fashion creations. Each piece is meticulously crafted to make you feel confident and elegant.

Indulge in the perfect blend of sophistication and innovation. Discover fashion that embraces individuality and celebrates personal style.

Experience fashion that tells a story. From runway-inspired designs to timeless classics, find the perfect ensemble that expresses your unique personality.

Unlock your fashion potential with our carefully curated collection. Each piece is designed to empower and inspire you to embrace your own sense of style.

Diana is also the founder of Dubai Luxury Fashion for all, which takes place in Dubai on an annual basis.

On Feb 29th 2024, Diana had her own fashion, a little after New York Fashion Show 2024, at 450 West 37th Street Event space, close to 300 people were in attendance, from all over the world to come and support Diane and some of the Designers who were also showcasing their lines, which included German designer Jean Koute Bag and Clothes designer. Panzai for men and Women based here in New York.

Rockfeller Vodka , was the Liquor Sponsor and food was catered by GLAME EVENTS BY GIGI. Many people from the fashion World were in attendance enjoying the great designs of Diana Mahrach, Jean Koute and Panzai.

To learn more or purchase Diana Mahrach Couture Designs you can click here.

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