Nolcha NYFW 2022 Sustainable Shows at 3 World Trade Center

On September 13, 2022, during NYFW, The Nolcha Shows, award winning event for independent fashion brands, will partner with Wear the Future to showcase all sustainable S/S 2023 collections on the 69th floor of the iconic 3 World Trade Center.

Sustainable designers presenting their runway S/S 2023 collections include clothing brands Host and Var, Kaiane Designs, The Tailory NYC, Mauricio Alpizar, Maya Seyferth and accessory brands CoFi,  Zashadu, Aumora Gems, Nandanie, and Anna Zuckerman.

Garments have become increasingly short-lived – acquiring the name “fast fashion” – and 85% of textiles end up in landfills. The fashion industry is rapidly depleting our natural resources and it’s past time we shift to more sustainable garment production,” said Wear The Future.

OhZone will bring metaverse fashion to life through the patented 3DReal™ technology that automates turning physical garments into virtually stunning NFT wearables ready for the metaverse in just days.   In collaboration with fashion brands Kaiane Designs and Nazranaa, OhZone will showcase virtual apparel in a mixed   reality runway while guests may use their own devices to interact with the hyper-realistic garments and avatars.

About The Nolcha Shows: The Nolcha Shows is a collection of leading award-winning experiential events. Over the past 14 years, The Nolcha Shows have become a discovery platform, promoting cutting-edge, innovative brands, connecting & building communities across the dynamic industries of lifestyle fashion and tech-driven web3. The curated event series is held during New York Fashion Week, NFT.NYC, Consensus, Art Basel, and BTC Miami.

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