Tour of Angra dos Reis and 365 islands in Southwest of Rio de Janeiro Brazil-2017

This is a must tour if you like water, mountains and open sea tour, we like to start of by thanking Javier Terol  our Tour guide who was on top on his game explaining everything we needed to know about this tour, and spent huge time with our team , that we got the necessary information we needed for our World Liberty TV , Travel and Tourism Channels, Thank you Javier .

In this Video you will see exclusive footage of Agra Dos Reis and the 365 Islands, Clear water from the Atlantic Ocean, Swimming, Boating, Snorkeling, exclusive footage of the Blue Lagoon, with fish’s swimming by, yes you will see me swimming in the Blue Lagoon with the fishes.

Located 155 Km from Rio de Janeiro, in the region of the Costa Verde, 365 Islands and more than 50 beaches form one of the most famous bays in Brasil: Angra dos Reis. It carries this name for it was discovered in January 1502, Day of Kings.

The best program in Angra`s bay is to go on a schooner tour through the Cataguás, Gipóia and Francisco islands. The built-up area of the municipality also has its charms, featuring a rich historical heritage with churches, plazas, mansions and museums.

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