Tour of Angra dos Reis in Southwest of Rio de Janeiro Brazil-2017

 By:Dr.Adal M.Hussain,Phd (AKA) Dr.Abbey ,Editor @ Large for World Liberty TV

Angra dos Reis is a Brazilian municipality in southwest Rio de Janeiro state. It’s made up of 365 islands and a small port surrounded by steep, forested coastline. The region is known for its many beaches and biodiverse Ilha Grande, the largest island. Vila do Abraão is the island’s main village, with restaurants, bars and the St. Sebastian Church at its heart. A trail leads to the ruins of the Cândido Mendes prison.

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Angra dos Reis is in Rio de Janeiro state of Brazil. A beautiful mirage of 365 islands, Angra dos Reis is a popular getaway for Rio residents, since there are plenty of nice beaches around. If you end up in the town of Angra dos Reis itself, it is quite likely that you are on your way to the popular island Ilha Grande, since Angra is the main port to the island.

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Apart from the town, Angra dos Reis is comprised of 365 islands and two thousand beaches filled with natural beauty, legends and social events. To know well this part of the Fluminense Green Coast, one must travel by boat, being able to see the crystalline waters, and the mansions of the rich and famous, erected on private islands.

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Among all of its islands, Ilha Grande stands out. Considered the paradise of adventurers, with its trails, waterfalls and deserted beaches, it played an important role in Brazil’s historical-cultural scenario for having housed a prison for almost 60 years.

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In the past, Angra dos Reis was one of the most important ports of the Fluminense coast. Ships loaded with goods docked there from the other side of the world. Slave ships also arrived there with hundreds of slaves to supply forced labor in the coffee plantations of the region.

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Nature has created one of its best works of art in Angra dos Reis, offering stunning beaches with emerald water. Here, you can experience numerous activities and water sports, or simply relax. You’ll find the perfect beach for any mood, whether it’s a hidden deserted beach or a beach overflowing with parties.

On the other hand, history also has its own place in this destination, inviting you to experience its eighteenth and nineteenth century monuments and architecture first-hand, taking you back to important times in the history of Angra dos Reis.

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Each of the beaches in Angra dos Reis offers its own unique charm. Mambucada Beach, where the Rosario Church is located, features dense vegetation and is popular for camping.Brava Beach covers more than 1,500 square feet, surrounded by wild vegetation. It has a variety of beachfront restaurants and bars.

Secreta Beach is completely deserted and perfect for rafting, surfing, windsurfing and walking.Grande Beach is just a few miles from the town’s downtown area, and is a popular hotspot for young people. It has bars, stands, live music and exciting nightlife.

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Camorim Beach features crystal clear green waters with white sand. Anil Beach has dark, thick sand, along with boat access and a heliport.  Gipoia Island is a natural attraction with several deserted beaches.

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