TTPM Holiday Showcase Event NYC-2020

TTPM, the leading video product reviewer for toys, baby toys & gear and pet products, unveiled their Holiday Most Wanted List via an online video this morning just prior to their annual TTPM 2020 Holiday Showcase event, being held live today in New York City.  New this year, the list is divided into four categories to select the hottest products in Entertainment, Learning and Active Play, Role Play & Imaginative Play, and Games & Activities.

In addition to the newly formatted list and online announcement, TTPM will host their live Holiday Showcase event following social distancing guidelines. Exhibiting companies will show off the newest toys for the holiday season, many never before seen.

Media, influencers, and parents eagerly await our annual Most Wanted List to see the hottest and most innovative toys. The new categories this year showcases trends we’re seeing across the industry, said Jim Silver, TTPM.

“We’re also very excited to be bringing the toy industry together for the first time since February with our live event.  We’ve worked hard to ensure strict social distancing guidelines are in place so that we can kick off the holiday season together.”

The TTPM editorial team reviews thousands of toys each year. The annual Most Wanted List comprises the top toys in demand for the holiday gift-giving season. TTPM uses a set of key criteria to create its Most Wanted List, including reviewing every item. Products that make the list are new, on-trend, high-performing, innovative, fun, buzzworthy, and available now or soon to consumers.

We had the pleasure of speaking to Jim Silver, Founder and President, of TTPM , we asked him what made him put on the TTPM showcase, he went on to say, we can’t be fearful , just sitting home, we need to do things , with all safety precautions in place, during C0VID-19.

Mr Silver also went onto say, Amazon, Target and Walmart will do double digit sales during the year, with toy sales. Also see exclusive interviews with many toy vendors exhibiting at TTPM Show case right here in our World Liberty TV, Games and Toy Channels and blogs by clicking here.

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