Wine and Cheese tasting with Jalrsberg to toast new Time Square Billboard-2018

BY: Art Campomanes Staff Writer for World Liberty TV

Jarlsberg Cheese has launched its biggest multi-faceted advertising campaign in over a decade. This campaign is set to debut in Jarlsberg’s biggest market, the NY Metropolitan area, using a new communication brand platform, ‘Life’s Best Served With Jarlsberg’.

The campaign runs through April 13, with potential to expand nationwide and even globally. The ‘Life’ in ‘Life’s Best Served with Jarlsberg’ is meant to be adaptable, made relevant to local life – the customs, celebrations, and recipes that matter most to people – all around the world.The campaign, targeted toward older millennials and Baby Boomers, will bring Jarlsberg Cheese to life by highlighting the powerful memories people build around Jarlsberg.

Norway Cheese

Smoked & Classic Jalrsberg Cheese’s

The refreshed brand platform will be leveraged across digital ads, brand ambassadors/influencers, in-store mobile, digital coupons, and more to accelerate awareness, brand interest and opportunities for purchase that translates into revenue. The new platform repositions Jarlsberg as a premium quality, versatile cheese and foster lasting emotional connections with both new and existing consumers.

Wine & Cheese paring

Wine and Cheese tasting with Jalrsberg

Additionally, Jarlsberg will debut a first ever dynamic out-of-home Times Square Billboard in New York City. A new microsite serves as the heart of the campaign, where shoppers can find coupons, recipes and inspiration. Traffic will be driven and supported by campaign media that touches all points of the consumer journey: from awareness and education to engagement and purchase intent.

Cheese tasting

Guests tasting many varieties of Jalrsberg Cheese’s

Jarlsberg:  is a mild, semi-soft cow’s milk cheese of Norwegian origin. Created by Anders Larsen Bakke, it resembles a Swiss Emmental with distinctive, open and irregular ‘eyes’. Many a times Jarlsberg is marketed as a Swiss cheese because of its characteristics, though it tends to be sweeter and stronger than Emmentaler. Beneath the yellow-wax rind of Jarlsberg is a semi-firm yellow interior that is buttery, rich in texture with a mild, nutty flavour. It is an all-purpose cheese, good for cooking as well eating as a snack. Since the cheese melts so well, Jarlsberg tastes delicious on sandwiches, fondues, quiches and on hot dishes. The versatility of the cheese is appreciated well beyond the Scandinavian world in US, UK and Europe.

Jalrsberg Cheese Block

As we tasted the Classic and Smoked Jarlsberg cheese have to say the classic is our favorite , it makes a great Grilled cheese sandwich , and you can eat it with fruit and it is smooth, creamy and very tasty, highly recommended.

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