Howard Stringer, Chairman of Sony Interview – 2012

Sir Howard Stringer (born February 19, 1942) is a British-born American businessman. He is the Chairman of the Board and former president and CEO of Sony Corporation.

Stringer began work at Sony in May 1997 as president of its US operational unit (Sony Corporation of America). He was made a Sony group executive officer in May 1998.

Since June 2005, he had been chairman and CEO of Sony overseeing the entire businesses of Sony, including its media and electronics subsidiaries such as the Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Financial Holdings. On April 1, 2009, he became president of Sony Corporation and ousted Ryoji Chubachi in what was seen as prelude to broader corporate restructuring. Stringer also serves as executive chairman and chief executive officer of Sony Corporation of America. He has been president of Sony Broadband Entertainment Corporation since March 2000.

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