Interview with Bob Duffy Ring 8 VBA Boxing Organization President-2016

A Message from out  going President  Bob Duffy of Ring 8 Veterans Boxing Association

To My Dear friends & Family

I want to you for coming Ring 8 Annual Holiday & Award Dinner.

It’s a special day which we acknowledge our boxing friends and family for their many accomplishments to a sport that is most dear to us.It’s our, Ring 8 ,way of saying “thank you”.For me personally ,I take pride in keeping the spirit of the Ring 8 alive with these outstanding award winners .Congratulations to all of you.

As you already know I will be stepping down as the president of Ring 8 at the end of this month.Jack Hirsch will be stepping in as the new President and he will carry on with the duties and the responsibilities of running this prestigious organization. With an outstanding Board of Directors,I can only see better things in our future.

As a past president I will be in the company of a great many past presidents ,Bobby Bartels,Hennie Wallitsch, Patsy  Giovannelli,Tio Raino and Ruby Goldstein to name a few.

There are a great many things we were able to accomplish to keep the organization driving but the one I hold dear is the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame.It was a dream of my good friend Tony Mazzarella and with due diligence from the Board of Directors we were able to make it a reality. Already we will be honoring our 6th class in April 2017,Also I want to thank Ron McNair,Emma Elizondo and the late Joe Dwyer, who opened the door to me at my first holiday party in 1986at the Waterfront Crabhouse.Loving the sport of boxing ,it was there that I became addicted to being in the company of great men and women who served the sport in many capacities and now became my extended family .

Lastly and most important I want to extend a deep appreciation to mary ,my wife for 44 years,who has always there for me during my tenure and worked behind the scenes of Ring 8’s many accomplishments ,I truly would not have accomplished all that Ring 8 did if it wasn’t for my wife. Mary thank you and I love you. Also ,a special call out to my daughters, Merrillen,Margaret and Michelle who too was always there for Ring 8,putting in countless hours of administrative support over the years. Thank you and I love you allfor always being there for me.And finally it’s all about… VETERANS BOXING ASSOCIATION RING 8/NY “BOXERS HELPING BOXERS

God Bless you all

Bob Duffy.

World Liberty TV , & its Executive Producer Dr. Abbey like to thank Mr Duffy for his kind invites throughout the years to cover the Ring 8 Events, Meetings as well as New York State Boxing Hall of Fame events, we wish Mr Duffy a great retirement, and welcome a great man Jack Hirsch who will be Ring President Effective Jan 1st 2017.

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