Celebration of Life of Stanley Leonard Hoffman-2022

On September 15th 2022, at the Marriott Fairfield from 2pm-5pm, many of Stan’s friends gathered for a Celebration of Life of Stanley Leonard Hoffman Dec19 ,1931- Feb 7, 2021. Organized by his wife Lucille Willard Hoffman.

I personally knew Stan, for over 20 years, I was introduced by his wife, Lucille which we attended many events together throughout Harlem, New York City.

I attended many of Stan’s boxing press conferences, of many fighters he managed and worked with, which included Michael Bentt  , Former World Heavyweight champion, Iran Barkley former 3 division World Boxing champion and many more. I was also seated at the same table when Stan was inducted into the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame, I was seated with Rev Al Sharpton Congress member Charles Rangel and many of Stan’s family members in attendance.

Stan was always nice with me, let me do interviews with many of his fighters. He would take time to speak with me about each of the fighters and would give you an honest opinion about the upcoming fight, he told you as it was. No nonsense guy, I loved this about Stan, many in the boxing game I have met, are fast talkers, promise the world and nothing gets done. They don’t make them like Stan anymore. I will always remember Stan this way.

Lucille Willard Hoffman, is a beautiful woman, who also introduced me to many people to me to interview and attend events throughout the New York City. She was the one who introduced me to the legendary Congress member, Charles Rangel, who I had the pleasure of interviewing on many occasions, and attending and covering many of his private events, which included his private birthday parties at the Tavern on the Green Restaurant in New York City, which you met who is Who of the political world and many celebrities in attendance.

I got a telephone call from Lucille three weeks ago, she went on to say, Dr. I would be doing a Celebration of Life for Stan, and invite family members and very close dear friends Stan liked throughout the years. I was so honored to hear this when Lucille told me this and I told her immediately I will be there. I had 5 events that day, I had to attend, but passed on them because I wanted to attend my dear friend Stan the Man’s Celebration of Life.

So I told Lucille , I will attend, if I can showcase the Life Celebration of Stan, in our World Liberty TV, Boxing Channels and archive it , so many people who did not attend the celebration, I can send a link to them to view.

She agreed and said, that’s a wonderful idea. I have a large data base of many of the boxing people Stan worked with and many of them follow me of different social media platforms, so I am sure they would be very happy to read and view special salute video to Stan.

Stan will be deeply missed may he rest in peace, I am very honored to know you for the past twenty years and thank you for, friendship, mentorship and advice. RIP dear friend. See More about Celebration of Life of Stanley Leonard Hoffman, in our World Liberty TV, Boxing Channels and Blogs by clicking here.



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