Interview with John Lam Chairman of the Lam Group of Companies-2022

The America China Hotel Association Corp. aims to strengthen the greatness of Chinese hotels by: seeking equality for owners, improving the quality of management within the industry, building the overseas hotel booking service, and helping to brand the hotels.

The America Hotel Association Corp is working with the reputable Manhattan law firm fordoing an annual real estate tax appeal. The fee is only 10% on the amount being successfully reduced. It is much lower than regular fee, which is usually charged 15% to 25%. Finishing touches are wrapping up on the Virgin Hotel, a 38-story tower at 1225 Broadway in NoMad. Designed by Stantec and developed by Lam Group, the 476-foot-tall structure will yield 300,000 square feet with 460 rooms managed by .

Lam Group is regarded as one of the most preeminent investors and developers in New York City through its real estate investment, acquisition and development history. Lam Group’s portfolio consists of over 50 development projects with an additional 9 hotels underway. The majority of the hotels are located in Manhattan, the nation’s top rated and most coveted real estate investment market.

Lam Group is one of the pioneering forces in the growth of hotel businesses throughout New York City. Developments have been built in areas such as SoHo, Chelsea, Midtown and Downtown Brooklyn. Lam Group will be one of the major forces in reshaping the NoMad neighborhood.

Lam Group’s core principles of creating value and remaining discipline will continue to define the strength of New York City’s hotel industry and economy.

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