RED PEONY Chinese Cuisine Tasting NYC-2019

By: World Liberty TV Food and Wine Channel Review Team

The Red Peony Restaurant opened just a few months ago at 24 West 56th, but is already the go-to lunch and dinner restaurant for New York’s large  Chinese community.

It is highly authentic incorporating Cantonese, Szechuan and Shanghai-style cold appetizers.

Dr Abbey with Staff Members of Red Peony Restaurant

Appealing to New York’s large “foodie” population, it is showing sophisticated diners what Chinese food really should taste like.

The Red Peony is a beautifully upscale, elegant restaurant on two floors with a private room for parties.

Eric, the executive chef, comes from Southern China, the city of Fujian.  He started cooking over 30 years ago but when he arrived.

Dr Abbey with Executive Chef Eric

In New York in 1991, he started his career in earnest.  He worked in restaurant kitchens after school and then studied under

Some of the foremost Chinese chefs in the country.  Today he wears the mantle as one of those foremost Chinese chefs.  He is

Considered one of the most talented Chinese chefs in the world.  His cuisine speaks for itself in its taste and authenticity.

Dr Abbey with Liliana of WLTV and Michelle Zheng Manager Red Peony

The Red Peony offers a wide menu selection of traditional Chinese cuisine, including Shanghainese, Cantonese, Dim Sun and Szechuan cuisine.

The chef also makes many other specialty dishes like Peking duck, Lobster with ginger and scallions, crispy.

Whole flounder and many more.  Among the many dishes the Red Peony is justly famous for are the steamed pork soup Dumplings with crab meat.

Peony’s DIM -Sum

We had the pleasure of taking  our team , from World Liberty TV ,Food and Review Channels, to do tasting at the RED PEONY Chinese.

We had the pleasure of tasting the following dishes: Spring Rolls, Scallion pancakes, Vegetable Dumplings, Pork Dumplings, and Shrimp Dumplings, these were the Appetizers, each one of them were fresh, tasty and once you put the Soy sauce with ginger, they tasted out of this world. Highly recommended.

Flounder Fish Dish with Vegetables and own sauce

Next was the main dish, which included, Flounder fish pieces cooked in a special sauce with celery ,baby mushrooms and diced whole ginger, this fish dish was cooked to perfection, it tasted fresh and each of the vegetables completed the sauce it was cooked it (Highly Recommend this dish if you are a fish lover).

Egg Fried Rice with Scallions

Our other tasters had the opportunity of eating Diced chicken and Peanuts with Chili sauce, this was a dish that melts in your mouth, boneless chicken chopped up , cooked to perfection , with peanuts and house chili sauce, you can request in advance if you like the chili  sauce ,Spicy or not spicy.

Next dish was Sliced beef with Black Mushrooms and Bamboo shoots, according to Al our World Liberty TV , Food and Wine Channel , professional  expert taster , the beef was very tasty and the sauce it was cooked in complemented the Black mushrooms and Bamboo shoots, the beef was fresh and a very nice piece of meat you can enjoy, fully. Al cleaned the whole plate; he enjoyed this dish so much.

Diced Chicken and Peanuts with Chili Sauce

Next was Shanghai fried rice with (Scallion and eggs), White rice fried with chopped up Scallions with egg yolk cooked, to perfection. This was the highlight dish of the night, cooked to perfection, with fine fresh ingredients.

Now we tried dessert , it only had a few choices, on the menu, the one we tried was Mango Sago with Pomelo, it was a liquid dessert, with mango chopped up fine with small pieces of Pomelo, it tasted fine, if you are a dessert lover we would recommend a different place , where you would have more choices.

Red Bean Cake

The Red Peony, is waiting for a Liquor License, and after being approved will have an array of Alcohol drinks, right now you can have nice Chinese hot tea’s, assortment of Soda’s.

Upstairs has seating, and also a private room that can seat a party of 20 people, which will be ready soon, according to the executive Chef Eric.

Scallion Pancakes

In conclusion: RED PEONY Chinese Cuisine, Restaurant is off 5th Avenue, The food is excellent, From Appetizers, to Main Dishes. Prices are very reasonable versus the restaurants in that area. We have to say at World Liberty TV , Food and Wine Channel Reviews  , this is one of the best Chinese resturants we have reviewed, we highly recommend it. Out of 5 Stars , we will give RED PEONY Chinese Cuisine, Restaurant 4.5 Stars .

Party room for 20 Guests

We like to thank Ms Miriam Silverberg, Publicist for the restaurant , for her kind invite.

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