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Greater New York Chamber of Commerce’s 20th Annual Business Expo-2021

The 20th Annual Greater New York Chamber Business Expo, Metropolitan NY’s Longest Running

Regional Business Fair, took place on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 at The Edison Ballroom New York, from 9:30am – 3:30pm.

The Program started as follows: 9:30 am: Ribbon Cutting with NYC Veterans Commissioner James Hendon. 9:45 am: COVID Protocols for Getting Back to Work, Linda Bulone, NYCHHC COVID Research Nurse, moderated by our Chief Editor, Dr. Abbey.

This was a very important panel because a lot of small business people needed to be educated about running a business during COVID-19 and Miss Linda Bulone did a wonderful job educating many people in the audience. After the panel there was an Q&A session for Small Business attendees and general public who were in attendance to have their questions answered.

At 10:30 am Public Safety JOB #1 Safe & Clean Streets for Getting Back to Work, a panel which was headed by Terence Monahan, NYC Senior Advisor Public Safety and Covid  Recovery , former Chief of New York City Police Department (NYPD), Ruth Katz, Co-Founder Citizens for a Safe NY and Al Eskanazy, founder of Community Police Relations.

This was a very highly attended panel with close to one hundred people listening to the above experts.  Chief Monahan explained about the crime in the subways, that a lot of the homeless people with mental issues were committing, during COVID-19 and the media was exposing them on the front page of their publications and blowing it out of proportion. It was handled immediately by the NYPD. He also went on to say that, the shooting that took place in Times Square, was all caught on camera and each step of the way there is a camera installed and anyone committing a crime in Times Square will be caught immediately.

Al Eskanazy, founder of Community Police Relations went on to say we gave thousands of Turkey’s during the holidays for people to enjoy during the   holidays, and his organization was working with many police officers and civilians to getter a better understanding of the work police is doing for all communities in New York.

11:15 am Financing Suggestion Intro By NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli  Loan Forgiveness & Economic Injury Disaster Loans, SBA Assistant District Director Peter Fehnel Remarks NYS Comptroller Tom Di Napoli Video Remarks. He Went on to say that these small businesses are the backbone of our New  York community and he was a very big supporter of the work that Greater NY Chamber of Commerce was doing with over 7000 business and partners throughout New York.

11:30 am International Partners, Nepalese American Foundation Consul General of Panama, Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Caribbean American Chamber. Many Chamber heads spoke about their chambers and what kind of services they were offering to their members through their chambers. Each one of the heads of the chambers, thanked Mr. Jaffe and his Greater NY Chamber of Commerce for giving them a platform of showcasing their work and programs they offer.

NOON State of NY’s Small Business, Governor Kathy Hochul Video Remarks. Governor Hochul was not able to attend in person due to her very busy schedule, she in return had attended Greater NY Chamber of Commerce events on many occasions and had kind words to say during her video remarks she sent. Thanking the Greater NY Chamber of Commerce of continuing to educate many businesses who are doing business during the COVID-19 Pandemic and if you need anything please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office and agencies to help immediately.

The Most important part of the Expo was the award ceremony, that honored many essential workers. It started off with Former NYPD Chief Terrence Monahan, who introduced each of the NYPD Officers who were given awards for their work and bravery. The following were honored with the Greater NY Chamber of Commerce, Awards: Sergeant Noa, Detective Vogel , Police officer Sparta, Police Officer Titus and police officer McDonald.

The Other Honoree’s included: National Guard Joy Chowdhury, NYC Health + Hospitals COVID Research Nurse Linda Bulone, New York Nurses Association (NYSA), representative Crystal Jennings, New York Fire Department, Firefighter Manny Troche “Hispanic Heritage Hero”, Food service award, presented to John Philips-The Mansion Owner for Best Quality Bone Broth.

Dr.Adal Hussain our Executive Producer for World Liberty TV, and founder of Humanitarians of the World Inc, was honored with the Greater NY Chamber of Commerce’s highest award The Humanitarian Award. Mr. Jaffe Greater NY Chamber of Commerce went on to say, I have known Dr. Abbey for over 20 years and we have attended many events together and worked on many projects helping people from all walks of life.

Dr. Abbey is a great Humanitarian who has been doing humanitarian work for over 44 years without taking a penny for his services. Since Covid-19, Dr Abbey and his organization, Humanitarians of the World Inc. Has distributed food and PPE to over seven thousand people throughout the Tri- state area.

Also Dr. Abbey organized the COVID-19 Champions awards you can view by clicking here.

Dr.Abbey went on to thank the Greater NY Chamber of Commerce and Mr Jaffe the President for honoring him with the chambers highest award. World Liberty TV, was the official Online TV of the Expo 2021.

About Greater New York Chamber of Commerce: The mission of the Chamber is to improve the business climate and quality of living in the New York Metropolitan Area for businesses, workers, residents and visitors. It provides valuable services to over 30,000 business and civic leaders who represent the backbone of the Greater New York business community.

Every day, the chamber helps small businesses and corporations grow and save money! Its staff handles hundreds of phone calls, mail requests, e-mail messages and business meetings. The Chamber has formed alliances with business leaders, trade associations, sister chambers, government agencies, civic officials & foreign dignitaries to accomplish its goals of business and community service.

The Chamber also promotes networking, business expos, educational forums and international trade events. It produces an economic development guide and hosts its world famous Internet site (the official New York City domain). The chamber issues and stamps documentation for international trade exportation i.e.: (certificate of origins, free sales, bill of ladings and GMP’s).

Greater New York Chamber of Commerce is an approved New York State Not for Profit; recognized by the US Chamber of Commerce. It operates under Rule 501 C 6, as an Exempt Organization of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. It also maintains a charitable fund to help assist local chambers, trade organizations and civic groups under IRS Rule 501 C 3 and a political action committee.

Membership Benefits:  Business Listing and linking on the World famous, Award winning Internet site Monthly email blasts to our 30,000 plus database of influential business and civic leaders,  Member Referral Service,  E-News and Invitations, Membership Plaque, On-Line Classified, Listings in the Business Directory and  Economic Development Guide,  Networking and Educational Forums  NY Tourism Leads, Import/Export Documentation, Certificate of Origins, Free Sale, International Contacts,  Business Research Center, Advocacy and Representation, Free Prescription Discount Drug Cards and  Greater New York Chamber logo for your website.

About World Liberty TV: World Liberty Television ( is the world’s fastest growing Multicultural Online TV station with over 27 channels, covering topics ranging from Fashion to Business, attending trade shows & conferences of all kinds. Find celebrity interviews, cultural events, and all types of humanitarian events. Watch exclusives on entertainment, politics, and sports, plus reviews on food & wine, on & off Broadway shows, and various Luxury items. We also review Hotels, Homes, Cars, Boats, and Art. We give you sneak peeks into items new on the market in Electronics, Jewelry, Clothing, Cosmetics, and Antiques. We also give you a look into topics Health & Medical Issues and Book Reviews.

We will showcase these topics on our World Liberty Television site with a multicultural understanding. When combined together, our group of producers, editors, videographers, webmasters, hosts, and consultants have a combined experience of over two hundred years.

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Greater NY Chamber of Commerce’s 20th Annual Business Expo-2021

     By: Steve Webner Staff Writer for World Liberty TV The 20th Annual Greater New York Chamber Business Expo, Metropolitan NY’s Longest Running Regional Business Fair, took place on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 at The Edison Ballroom New York, from 9:30am – 3:30pm. The Program started as follows: 9:30 am: Ribbon Cutting with NYC...
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Humanitarians of the World Inc, 20th Annual Toy Presentation-2020

For the past 19 years on an annual basis, just a week before the Christmas holidays, we have been distributing Toys, Games, Books and electronic gadgets to thousands of kids and families in need with The Humanitarians of the World Inc, Toy and Food presentations on an annual basis.

We distribute close to 100 bags, which contain enough toys and food for a family of four. Most of the toys are given to kids who have Cancer, MS and many other life threatening diseases and the parents are struggling to buy the kids the necessary toys for the holidays.

Also we have been donating toys to needy children, in the projects, homeless shelters throughout the five boroughs.

Many times we would also deliver some toys, at local hospitals to sick children, with Cancer, MS and many other life threatening diseases.

So this year we were not able to donate any toys at the hospitals to many children, because of the underlying conditions and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Year 2020, has been the worst year for many people around the world, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We at Humanitarians of the World Inc have been struggling more than ever to raise money and donations for our many Humanitarian causes.

So this year, we did not get many donations of money or toys, so we ended up buying the toys for the children , because we decided that the toys are desperately needed , for many kids who are needy and parents are struggling now more than ever to support their households.

Humanitarians of the World Inc, officers and volunteers, got together and raised enough money for 50 bags of toys, games, books and electronic gadgets. The 50 Bags were given to 50 People with an average family of 4 people, total people of 200 were given toys and food.

I want to thank Rev, Bruce Grodner, National Executive Director, American Clergy Leadership Conference, for his donation and volunteering to help us to deliver Toys to many of the needy families. I like to Thank Ron Vincent for donating a bag to a needy family in honor of  Lance Bobrow, who passed away from Cancer  6 years ago.  Humanitarians of the World Inc ,donated a bag in honor of Hazel Cathers, Executive  Director , Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club. who recently passed away. Also I like to thank, all our Board of Directors, Staff Members and volunteers for making the Humanitarians of the World Inc, Toy and Food presentation to needy children and families a super success.

With that said, we are in dire need of monetary contributions and donations, to continue our humanitarian work and serve hundreds of people who rely on us on a daily basis. Please find it in your hearts to contribute, you can can donate, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 or if you are in an better financial situation, you can do more, your help is urgently needed. Remember our “Motto”, Your Contribution to Hotwinc, can help save a life. If you cannot contribute kindly add our link to your social media platforms share with your Friends, Family members who might able to help us, thank you Humanity salutes you.

See exclusive footage of needy family presentations in our Humanitarians of the World Inc, TV Channel by clicking here.

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HOTWINC & USA Inc Honor 4 Thousand Elmhurst Hospital Personnel with COVID-19 Champions awards-2020

We are proud to honor Israel Rocha, Jr.Chief Executive Officer, Executive administration of Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York., and the following three departments; Nursing , Pulmonary Medicine/Critical care,  and Emergency Medicine.

At the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Elmhurst hospital was the pandemic hospital of the USA.

Elmhurst Hospital, in Queens, New York, is a 545-bed city hospital that serves as a safety-net institution for a largely working-class immigrant population. The novel coronavirus has quickly spread through this vulnerable community, and the hospital is currently operating at more than 100% capacity. In an effort to free up precious beds, dozens of non-Covid-related cases are being transferred to other facilities. Inpatient wards are overwhelmed with those who, under different circumstances, would belong in intensive care units. This is the “epicenter within the epicenter” of the Covid-19 crisis in New York City.

Elmhurst Hospital set up a tent — one of the first in New York — outside of the emergency department. This stemmed the tide in three ways: First, it kept non-critically ill patients out of the emergency room and away from risk. Second, it allowed us to assign physicians who typically work in ambulatory clinics to the tent, freeing up ER doctors for the more critical cases. Finally, in the face of unprecedented demand, New York City hospitals have constrained supplies that need to be judiciously managed for high-risk patients. Keeping the critically ill apart from the non-critically ill helps us allocate resources appropriately.

The national shortage of gowns, masks, gloves, and other materials that keep medical staff safe has created a bottleneck and forced us to find creative ways to conserve. For example, Elmhurst has contained suspected Covid patients in a specific, separate area of the hospital under negative pressure, which helps prevent cross-contamination between rooms. Providers working in a Covid section of the hospital can feasibly wear one N95 mask and face shield throughout a shift, while still protecting themselves from infection. While not an ideal long-term solution, it’s allowed Elmhurst to continue seeing and admitting new patients at a reasonable pace while slowing the burn rate of precious PPE.

Already, on multiple occasions, doctors at Elmhurst have scrambled to find a ventilator for a critically ill Covid-19 patient. We nervously anticipate the day when we will not have one. “Make more ventilators” is an obvious solution, but ventilators are complex machines, difficult to produce quickly, and they have been subject to an enormous surge in global demand. We need them immediately — not next month or next week.

In response, we have freed up existing ventilators in operating rooms and obtained others from less impacted hospitals in our health system. This has only been possible as elective surgical cases are put on hold, but it also offers a national model for finding urgent supplies in forgotten places.

We at Humanitarians of the World Inc, invited Elmhurst hospital staff to be honored at our COVID-19 Champions awards Gala 2020., but they was not able to attend due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and a busy schedule of the head doctors.

So we were invited to Elmhurst hospital where we presented the COVID-19 Champions awards-2020, to the following departments: Israel Rocha, Jr.Chief Executive Officer, accepted  Executive administration COVID-19 Champions award, Alfredo Astua, MD, Pulmonary Medicine/Critical care, Dr. Stuart Kessler , Director Department of Emergency Medicine. Joan M. Curcio, MD, Nursing .

Mr Rocha, went on to say we employ close to four thousand people in Elmhurst hospital, we will be very happy to honor each and every one of the four thousand employees, with the COVID-19 Champions awards-2020.

I like to thank Dr.Adal Hussain, Founder of Humanitarians of the World Inc, and Mr Urgen Sherpa , President , United Sherpa Association Inc, for bestowing these wonderful honors.

Mr Rocha, went on to say, your recognition of our efforts warms our hearts and inspires us as we continue to care for patients during the current healthcare crisis. Please be safe and well.

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Humanitarians of the World Inc, Serves over OneThousand, Homeless, Needy, First Responders & Senior Citizens During COVID-19 -2020

BY: Liliana Rocio, Senior Editor For World Liberty TV Since March 2020, when COVID-19 pandemic, spread throughout the United States of America, we at Humanitarians of the World Inc, have been busy getting food, basic necessities, tee-shirts, caps , tote bags, masks, gloves and sanitizers. We did get a lot of support from many organizations,...
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