The 58th Anniversary of the International Debutante Ball – New York, 2012

Forty-seven young women took their bows at the 58th Anniversary of the International Debutante Ball, one of the most beautiful and glamorous family events of the holiday season.

The debutantes represented England, Scotland, France, The Netherlands, China, and fifteen American states. Each debutante was accompanied by her own escort in white tie and tails, and a military cadet in dress uniform who carried the flag of the country or state which she represents.

The International Debutante Ball provides a social context where young women and men from all over the world meet one another, have a wonderful and romantic time, and form lasting friendships. Over the past decades, daughters of Diplomats, Ambassadors, Governors, Presidents, ancient European titles and distinguished Americans from all over the country have been brought together by the Ball.

The International Debutante Ball Foundation supports numerous charities including The Soldiers, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club, a home away from home for the military and their families.

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