TTPM Spring Showcase For Toys Top Movie Toys outdoor playthings and much more-2014

TTPM, a consumer website publishing reviews, videos, and live price updates for toys, baby gear, kids electronics, sporting goods and pet toys, today announced the toy trends for summer 2014 and predicted an improved outlook for summer toy sales over 2013 during an industry press conference.

“Summer 2014 is promising for the toy industry. Blockbuster movies drive significant consumer interest, and we expect this year’s strong summer movie lineup will grow sales $500 million compared to the same time period in 2013,” said Jim Silver, CEO/editor-in-chief of TTPM. “After lackluster spring sales in 2013, the combination of popular movies and favorable weather is key for manufacturers and retailers to increase revenue during spring and summer.”

Held during the annual TTPM Spring Showcase, a one-day media event highlighting the season’s best in play, the press conference addressed the current state of the toy industry and revealed the 2014 TTPM Summer Play List, a round-up of the top toys chosen by TTPM editors to be the most fun and engaging items for children and their families this season.

“Over the past several seasons, we’ve seen a boom in classic toys—particularly in summer. When kids aren’t studying, they are outdoors and more able to engage in self-directed play, they naturally gravitate to time-tested classics like bubbles, chalk, ride-ons, water blasters and much more,” said Chris Byrne, content director aka The Toy Guy®. “Savvy toymakers have continued to innovate in these basic categories, provide diverse and imagination-rich products for kids and outstanding value for families.”

Recognized as a leading resource by consumers, the TTPM editorial team identified three key summer 2014 toy trends:


    Compared with last year, the big screen will make a big impact this summer. The four key movie properties expected to increase sales in the toy aisle this season, as predicted by TTPM, are Transformers: Age of Extinction, Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue, Godzilla, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


    As the weather warms up, families reach for summer staples including bubbles, water blasters, chalk, scooters, and more. Manufacturers will introduce a variety of updated summer classics to encourage outdoor play for kids and are expected to be popular choices for parents looking to get their children outside and active.


    Several recently released toy lines are expected to heat up in the summer months. Even more popular than when they launched in 2013, TTPM named Disney’s Frozen and Minecraft the hottest two entertainment properties, stating both toy lines have been selling out at retail. The Lego Movie, an early surprise hit, also remains a ‘must have’ for the season. Consumers have been anticipating the release of Paw Patrol toys, based on the breakout animated series and expected to be hugely popular when they hit store shelves in June. The team also included The Happy’s, an introduction from Cepia, the makers of Zhu Zhu pets, to the list, advising parents and retailers to keep an eye on the new collection.

Informed by the season’s trends and selected by the TTPM editorial team, the 2014 TTPM Summer Play List is curated annually to help parents and gift givers discover the best new toys and children’s products hitting store shelves.

At the press conference, Silver also announced that the Shop for Kids by TTPM app is now optimized for iPad through a universal update. The app simplifies the experience of searching for and buying children’s products and provides access to the extensive TTPM database of thousands of in-depth expert reviews on the latest toys, baby gear, pet toys, sporting goods, children’s books, video games, and apps.


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