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Tour of Florida Miami, West Palm Beach and Orlando-2017

BY: World Liberty TV Travel & Tourism Team Our brand new Lincoln Navigator took mere 17 hours to carry our team via the center city of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond all the way to St.Mary River welcome to FL crossing! The scenery turned to palm trees, and first up was the bustling industrial center...
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Tour of Florida Miami, West Palm Beach and Orlando-2017

Our brand new Lincoln Navigator took mere 17 hours to carry our team via the center city of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond all the way to St.Mary River welcome to FL crossing!

The scenery turned to palm trees, and first up was the bustling industrial center and port of Jacksonville. Next we by-passed America’s oldest city St.Augustine, the newly developing (reputedly via Russian money) Palm Coast and the famed host of Daytona 500 speedway, the international Bike Week, as well as the decades of spring breaks: the “World’s Most Famous” Daytona Beach! Finally, 22 hours following our Verrazano Bridge start, we have arrived at the South Florida’s establishment of West Palm Beach…

And there we went: snapping quick shots of the Renaissance tapestry within the walls of The Breakers, while the valet cut circles around its grand welcoming alleys! We then proceeded via Worth Avenue, the Rodeo Drive’s of Beverly Hills twin sister here on the East Coast. And just a block short of Mar A Lago: kaboom, enter with neighborhood ID only, the place is all getting prepped for China president Xi inaugural visit…We had to park beachfront, and share the crystal-clear, turquoise waters with the Coast Guard.

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MSC Meraviglia Cruise By World Liberty TV Travel & Tourism Team-2023

MSC Meraviglia, the first ground-breaking mega-ship ship in the Meraviglia Generation to be introduced into the MSC Cruises fleet, has been designed to meet every need of today’s cruise guest – with cutting edge technology, flexible dining options, exclusive, world-class entertainment, facilities for families and children of all ages, luxurious pampering and wellness and comfortable accommodations. MSC Meraviglia is truly a next-generation cruise ship that has never been seen before.

At 1,034 ft. long and 214 ft. tall, with an impressive 19 decks and capacity of 5,700 guests (4,488 at double occupancy), MSC Meraviglia is not only poised to become one of the biggest cruise ships at sea, but also one of the hottest holiday destinations, packed with innovative features to provide an unforgettable experience.

Galleria Meraviglia: This 315-foot central promenade is filled with boutiques, restaurants and tranquil spots for shopping, eating and relaxing… as well as socializing with friends and family. And in the evening, it comes alive with music, parties and entertainment.

Horizon pool: The Horizon pool offers superb sea views and more open-air deck space for sun worshipers during the daylight hours.

At night, the area will be transformed into a stunning outdoor spot for dancing and all kinds of entertainment under the stars.

The Broadway Theatre: Every cruise offers at least 6 different shows – even on a 7-night cruise – featuring innovative world-class and standing ovation entertainment.

Carousel Productions at Sea: Enjoy an all-new entertainment concept blending breathtaking acrobatics, dance and live music to create exclusive original productions specially designed for MSC Meraviglia Class ships.

It offers avant-garde artistic and immersive performances combined with the innovative technology in a surprising mix of new expressions and experimentation that will make you feel part of the show.

On board MSC Meraviglia, you’ll have the unique opportunity to admire two spectacular productions: ROCK CIRCUS, featuring acrobats, musicians and the greatest rock hits, and HOUSE OF HOUDINI, a celebration of some of the most wondrous illusions of Harry Houdini.

The shows take place twice a night, six nights a week, only at the Carousel Lounge, a glamorous, modern, technology-packed venue.

Taste our Signature Cocktail while you enjoy a pre-show followed by this unique entertainment experience.

MSC Aurea Spa: The MSC Aurea Spa is a luxurious Balinese spa offering signature relaxation treatments to revitalize body and soul.

Complete with a thermal area, beauty salon and nail boutique, the MSC Aurea Spa will leave you feeling pampered from head to toe.

MSC Gym by Technogym: Equipped with state-of-the-art Technogym cardio and strength-training equipment, the panoramic gym on board MSC Meraviglia gym offers a wide range of innovative fitness courses and training programs designed to suit guests of all ages and abilities.

MSC Yacht Club: Discover a place where you can savor exclusivity and privacy in a world of choice. Indulge in the luxury of a private club, while enjoying access to the myriad recreation and entertainment possibilities that the rest of the ship affords.

STATEROOMS & SUITES: MSC Meraviglia has a variety of elegant staterooms including family options, luxurious duplex suites, balcony staterooms and ocean view staterooms.

Entertainment: Enjoy exclusive shows performed in innovative venues like the Carousel Lounge and the multi-purpose karaoke bar, comedy club, TV studio and bar.

Younger guests will love our amusement park and sports center. The whole family can have hours of fun in one of the most exciting water parks at sea.

RESTAURANTS & BUFFET:MSC Meraviglia’s main restaurants serve freshly prepared Mediterranean and international cuisine, while the ship’s specialty restaurants serve up Italian delicacies, succulent steaks, superb sushi and more.

BARS & LOUNGES: There’s a wide range of glamorous bars and lounges onboard, offering refreshment and relaxation in the ideal atmosphere for every moment.

So whether you’re looking for champagne, classic cocktails or freshly prepared patisserie, you won’t have far to go.

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve: is MSC Cruises’ new private island located in The Bahamas that features uninterrupted sweeping views of crystal blue waters and over two miles of pristine beachfront spread across eight world class beaches allowing guests to guests to connect with the natural environment and its beauty, feel the warmth, fun, and hospitality of the Bahamian spirit and immerse themselves in an ecologically-intelligent atmosphere.

Ocean Cay is founded on a deep commitment to ecological principles that shape everything from how the venues are built and how the island is run, to the kinds of activities featured on the island.

Formerly a sand extraction site, MSC Cruises has made significant efforts to clear the island and the surrounding ocean bed from all discarded debris – while removing a total of 7,500 tons of scrap metal – and relocating coral with the longer-term vision of encouraging coral to grow and repopulate.

These efforts will give guests the opportunity to learn about the protection of the oceans and the importance of preserving coral reefs through dedicated edutainment programs.

It was truly a great experience for 7 days, it was our first cruise ever, and I am glad we had the honor of cruising on MSC Meraviglia, so much to do and see while you are on the cruise.

We went to all the shows at The Broadway Theatre, with seeing all six shows, which included 2 magic shows, Broadway show, disco show and much more.

The Food was excellent, foods from all over the world were served on different days, so you are not eating the same food each day, included, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Spanish, Caribbean and many more countries. Food is Kosher and Halal. Breakfast was great you can sit in a restaurant and enjoy waiter service at no cost or you can go to the breakfast at the buffet and enjoy varieties of breakfast.

Dinner in the night again you can sign up for one of the restaurants, where you get table service by waiters who work in the restaurant from all over the world. We had great waiters taking care of us, and asking us over and over again if we need anything else, they did this on all seven days as we ate in the same restaurant, food is served very fast, from appetizers, to entrée and desserts. Food was fresh daily and you can eat buffet up to 1am in the morning. You can leave a tip if you like which I think is necessary, but not mandatory.

We enjoyed attending shows at 6 days while we were on the cruise, The Broadway Theatre, which holds close to 1000 Thousand people and was packed each night, the shows are unusually forty-five minutes each. You can take a drink in the theatre as you watch the show.

There was a 2 Broadway shows, a live entertainment by a Canadian singer titled from the stage to screen. Then there were two magic shows, card tricks, mentalist and an illusionist.

The entertainers and singers perform in 4 of the six shows, and also the lady dancers were also host’s helping out with Magicians shows.

I would have liked to see a different cast every night not the same group over and over again. With that said, the entertainment was average in my opinion.

There were many outdoor pools, Jacuzzi’s which you can swim or relax throughout the day. There was no line or waiting period you were able to find something immediately or just jump in with a stranger which did not mind.

There were many activities for Baby’s Kids and young adults, gaming rooms, Computer rooms, daycare centers, while the parents are enjoying a night out, there is all kinds of activities for kids while they are being cared by one of the staff members.

The was dancing every night starting at 10-45 pm till 2am in the morning, at the promenade, with a live DJ and live entertainment bands, music from all over the world. I enjoyed Bollywood dancing and Bob Marley Tribute. There is local bars and waitress’s coming around serving cocktails, soft drinks, Ice cream and chocolate stores are close by if you want to take a break from dancing and indulge in a dessert you like.

We had a pleasure of speaking to master Chocolatier Albert Fabian Sim, who works for jean philippe, world renowned Chocolatier, you would be able to see exclusive interview with him in our Video below.

We stopped by Nassau capital of Bahamas, visited the Atlantis Resort, Cabbage beach and different locations throughout Nassau. We were not able to do too much because of the weather.

We were not able to go to Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, because of a storm and was instead diverted to Miami in Florida, I was really interested in visiting. But we had to be safe, maybe will get another opportunity next time.

One an average I would recommend this cruise, for couples or a family as there is so many things to do, eat and enjoy.

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Tour of Cancun Mexico-2023

Myself and my Photographer and videographer traveled to Cancun Mexico in June 2023, for 1-week trip. We traveled from New York, the total trip was about 5 hours’ flight, which included a layover in Miami.

We have to say, when we arrived it was very hot, the Cancun Airport was packed with people coming from all over the world to start their vacation time. I was seated with Jose from Chile and living in San-Diego California a very nice man, who was attending Cancun for the 4th time in the 6-year period.

I asked Jose what he liked and what’s bringing him back again and again. He went on to say, that when he originally came six years ago, for 2 weeks with his wife. They toured many iconic locations in Cancun and really enjoyed it.

So when he came the Second time, he decided to stay in his resort, swim in the pool, go to the beaches and do sun tanning, read books and listen to relaxing music.

Jose went on to say, he works very hard, in his construction business and these two-weeks he spends in Cancun, really helps him relax and makes him feel good.

I also asked many questions as I traveled from the Miami Flight to Cancun, which was approximately 2 hours and was able to learn a lot from him, believe it or not the best advice Jose gave me was not to drink the tap water, which would give you stomach pains, Diarrhea. He told me to get bottled water and filtered water and drink that at all times. If not, you could be looking for a bathroom on a regular basis during your tour.

The people were very nice, helpful, a good amount of them spoke broken English, cab drivers, people working in tours, restaurants, most of the people in our resorts were Bilingual. So you can definitely get by, if you can speak Spanish it is a plus.

Our First trip was to Isle of Mujers, an all day trip from our resort, from 6-30 am till 8-30pm, it included Transportation back and forth to the location, buffet style lunch which included drinks. Most of the people on trip are tourist from all over the world, doing the tour. The Guide talks to you in Spanish and English, explains the historical locations along the way, so you know the history of the location.

This was the highlight of our trip, we went across a private boat to Isle of Mujer, half way to the island, the boat comes to a stop, and you can swim and do Snorkeling, the water is about 16 feet deep, you must know how to swim, before you go in to the water. Then you swim 700 meters away from the boat, and you start doing your activities.

Once you arrive on the Island, the tour guide drops you off, and tells you that he will see you back at the same location, So we had about 3 hours to explore the Isle of Mujures, now you have a few options here. You can rent a taxi, for 2 or 4 people US $100 , or an golf Cart for a party of 4 which costs, around US $60 .

We rented a Golf Cart with a friend and his wife we met at a resort we were staying at, His name was Delvin and his wife Maria, a wonderful couple. I asked him to drive while I was taking pictures and video-taping , he was very happy to do that , since he loved driving.

The Isle of Mujure’s is approximately eight miles long from one end to the other, so you go one way and come back on the other side, you will not get lost. We made many stops, seeing many beaches, Vendors, Iconic locations and much more. You can view the video in our World Liberty TV, Travel and Tourism Channels, titled: Tour of Isla Mujeres in Cancun Mexico-2023, by clicking here.

Our Next tour was the Chichen Itza, cenote and Valldoid, we set off at 7am from our Resort and came back around 9pm in the evening. This was also a great tour, we traveled in an air condition coach.

Our Tour guide, was Julio a Cancun Native, who spoke great English and joked so much and had us laughing each step of the way. We made a stop at a Mayan Town, where we saw a school, where Mayan Children attended to learn Spanish. Here there was a ceremony conducted by a priest who welcomed us and blessed us, by sprinkling water on us. You can see the historic design houses, shops, jungles where the Mayan Community is living, also we saw many Mayan People working cultivating the land and also making natural medicine for healing purposes.

We had a Buffett Lunch, where we enjoyed Mayan Dancers and singers doing live performance, this was more like a tango with nice outfits on. Then I saw something that was awesome both of the dancers had a beer bottle on top of their heads while they danced, the beer bottle was full and both of the dancers danced for 2 minutes.

The Buffett Style lunch was great Mexican cuisine, all you can eat and you can make many trips to the Buffett stations. Now the drinks including soft drinks were not included.

After that we did a chocolate tasting, Cacao, grown in the region by the Mayan’s. The Chocolate was very pure and tasted very good.

After the Blessing, by the priest and fully belly of food and chocolate tasting we went to get on the bus and headed to our Main event, the 7th Wonder of the World, Chichen Itza.

Once we arrived to our location, I was told at the location, that you were not able to take a microphone, or video camera unless you have a permit. So I asked the officer that I was a media person and I needed to video-taping, so he said you can get a permit and then take it in. Which I was not too happy with the idea. So I paid for the permit and was able to take the camera in.

It was Scorching hot, it felt like 110 Degrees, sun is brutally hot, you must have a water bottle, wear something light like a tee-shirt and shorts to keep you cool.

We had a tour guide Pablo, who took us around Chichen Itza, the Ruins and other locations in the area, explaining the history. I have never seen so many vendors in one location, selling so many gifts related to Chichen Itza, everything possible you wanted to get. Some of the Vendors where making some of the gifts at their booths. A lot of them were very pushy trying to sell to you, which is ok, because that’s how they make their money and survive.

I met one interesting vendor, he was making a wooden Jaguar whistle, it looks like a wooden Jaguar well painted you blow on the top side, and put your hand over the air vent and blow hard and it makes a Jaguar sound. I ended up buying that, so soon as I came home, I blew it and my cat got scared and was trying to figure out what it was, so I told him if you misbehave I will call the Jaguar to straighten you out, lol!.

After that we went to Cenote, In fact it’s considered one of the best cenotes near Chichen Itza, although one of the most crowded, unfortunately. I am not going to go into too much details. You can see the Video titled, Tour of Chichen Itza “Seventh Wonder of World” in Cancun Mexico-2023. In our World Liberty TV, Travel and Tourism Channels by clicking here.

Also we went to the Mayan Museum, this has so many Artifacts on display, you can also walk outside and see many ruins, of many Mayan people and so much history, if you are a museum person this is the place to be.

We also went to the Shopping district , Avenida Kukulkán is basically the main strip in Cancun. Most hotels are located directly on the street. On Kukulkan you can find anything you’re looking for in Cancun. Shopping plazas, high end restaurants, local restaurants, nightlife etc.

Arguably the most popular tourist spot, Cancun’s Hotel Zone (also known as Zona Hotelera) is a long, narrow island with a vast lagoon, Laguna Nichupté, made up of seven lakes. This area has a great variety of activities and a pulsating nightlife.

The City of Cancun is divided into two parts – the Downtown area and the Cancun Hotel Zone. All of Cancun’s nightlife is in Punta Cancun, which is also known as the Party Zone.

Garza Blanca Cancun’s Newly opened Resort is where a lot of celebrities hang out , which includes Boxing great Floyd “Money “ Mayweather.

Travelers visiting Cancun can stay out until 5 or 6am in most Cancun Super clubs. The majority of these hotspots are located in the Hotel District itself, making them a convenient cab ride or bus ride home from an evening on the town.

We had a pleasure of meeting Carlos Barrera and his wife Nora Espinoza, running the Restaurant called Los Chefs, at Coral Mar. He is one of the best chef’s in whole of Cancun, multi-talented, he prepares all kinds of food, including old Yucatan, recipes, Steaks, Pasta’s and every possible Mexican dish you can think of, also the best drink I tasted was the Virgin Mojito (Without Alcholol) He is writing a book about his ventures and comes out very soon. You can see exclusive interview with Carlos Berrera , of Los Chefs in our World Liberty TV, Food and Wine Channels by clicking here.

We had a great time in Cancun, very friendly people, great food, iconic locations and so much more. We only stayed for seven days. Next time we will stay maybe 2 weeks and showcase many more locations of Cancun. You must go once in your lifetime to Cancun.

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Artexpo New York City-2023

By: Steve Webner Staff Writer for World Liberty TV Artexpo New York continuously develops new programs that champion the power of the arts to start conversations we might not otherwise have. These special programs range from immersive artist-led experiences to compelling Art Talks with today’s leading gallerists and innovative artists. Featured programs include the Spotlight...
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New York Fashion Week, Feb 2023 Designers Showcase

By:Betty Coker, Editor in Chief  For World Liberty TV We had a very busy New York Fashion Week 2023, we want to showcase some of the designers, models and fashion folks we met along at the NYFW 2023. Diana Mahrach Couture: stands for luxury, quality and heritage, and it is known for sophistication and eye-catching...
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Interview with James Bermingham CEO Virgin Hotels, talks about Mega Virgin Hotel Opening in NYC- Dec 2022

Virgin Hotels, the lifestyle hotel brand by Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard Branson, announces James Bermingham’s appointment as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.Bermingham joins the Virgin Hotels executive team following nearly two decades with Montage

International. He will be responsible for delivering the company’s exciting global growth pipeline, multi-award-winning customer experience, and unique culture.”We are thrilled to welcome James into the Virgin Hotels family,” says Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group.

“For over a decade, we have been devoted to providing entertaining and unforgettable experiences for our guests, and I can think of no one better than James to spearhead this effort as we continue to grow the brand on a global scale.”

Bringing more than 35 years of industry experience to the position, Bermingham began his hospitality career in his hometown of Dublin, followed by ten years in London, including executive roles with ITT Sheraton Corporation. His career then led him to the United States, where he held prestigious General Manager roles at the St. Regis Hotel in Houston and the Montage Laguna Beach. Since 2008, he served as ExecutiveVice President, Operations for Montage International, where he oversaw all aspects of operations for the Montage and Pendry Hotel brands seven hotels and resorts, including owner relations, culture development, and sales and marketing.

“I have long admired Virgin Hotels’ ability to seamlessly blend smart and innovative design with elevated service and – maybe most importantly – fun,” said Bermingham. “Watching the brand grow into itself as a reliable haven for both leisure and business travelers without sacrificing its inherent ‘cool factor’ has been exciting, to say the least, and I’m really looking forward to joining such a dynamic team.”

Bermingham assumes his new role as Virgin Hotels, founded in 2010, experiences its most robust growth to date. In 2021, the brand plans for three coast-to-coast openings in Las Vegas, New Orleans, and New York City while already operating hotels in Chicago, Dallas, and Nashville. Properties in Miami and Edinburgh are also in development, with additional opportunities being pursued in Philadelphia, Glasgow, Cannes, and Ibiza.

“James’ appointment comes at an exciting time of accelerating growth for us,” said Peter Norris, Chairman of Virgin Hotels. “His decades of industry experience and acute global expertise will be a true asset for the brand as we push to expand our footprint both domestically and internationally.”

We had a pleasure of interviewing James Bermingham CEO Virgin Hotels, at the America Hotel Owners Charitable Association Annual Gala -2022, headed by Chairman John Lam, who will be managing The Virgin Hotel in New York City, which will be opening in December 2022, later this year.

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