Interview with Harold Lederman – Professional Boxing Judge 2012

Harold Lederman is a celebrated boxing judge and analyst. He began his career as a boxing judge in 1967 and joined the cast of HBO World Championship Boxing in 1986, where he has been ever since.

In 1986, HBO executive producer Ross Greenburg invited Lederman to join HBO’s boxing show World Championship Boxing as an expert commentator.

Lederman retired from active judging in 1999, but remained with the HBO show as an unofficial ringside scorer. His voice can be heard when official HBO commentator Jim Lampley introduces him with, “…and now the rules with our unofficial ringside scorer, Harold Lederman.”

After the introduction, he reads the rules of the fight (often beginning by saying, “Ok, Jim…”) and occasionally the rules for scoring fights to the audience and cuts back to Jim. During the fight, after the 3rd, 6th and 9th rounds, and immediately after the fight, while waiting for the official scores, Lampley will have Lederman tell the fans what his unofficial card looks like – often calling it the Lederman Card. HBO also runs a graphic at the beginning of each round with his preceding round’s score.

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