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Victory Party for Eric Adams who becomes New York City’s 110th Mayor -2021

New Yorkers chose Democrat Eric Adams, a former New York Police Department captain, to become the city’s second Black Mayor in a landslide election that offered little surprise given that Republicans are outnumbered by a margin of about 7 to 1.

Adams, who is currently the Brooklyn borough president and a former state senator, will take the reins from Bill de Blasio, whose second term was mired in the effects of the pandemic, historic job losses, skyrocketing housing prices and rental rates, extreme income inequality, and a broke transportation system.

Throughout the race, the 61-year-old branded himself as the blue-collar mayor, gaining the approval of home owning voters across the five boroughs.

He made combating gun violence and improving public safety a main focus of his campaign, while also calling for cuts to the NYPD’s budget and the shifting of some jobs to civilians that have been done by officers, which he says could save the city up to $500 million a year.

Following a worrisome surge in shootings not seen since the 1990s, Adams says he’d like to reestablish a controversial plainclothes anti-crime unit that was dismantled by de Blasio just last year. He would also increase patrols at train and bus stations.

The final weeks of the race between Adams and GOP candidate Curtis Sliwa were dominated by personal attacks and public name-calling. Adams repeatedly slammed Sliwa as a “racist” and called him a Mini-Me of Donald Trump. Sliwa, on the other hand, has called the 110th mayor-to-be an elitist, as well as Bill de Blasio 2.0.

Close to one thousand people were in attendance at Brooklyn Marriott for Eric Adams Victory party and speech, we are also happy to say were in attendance covering this historic victory in our World Liberty TV, Political channels and blogs.


We have covered Eric Adams as an Assembly member, Brooklyn Borough president for the past 11 years and we look forward to covering him and his work for New York city for many more years in our World Liberty TV, Again Congratulations to Eric Adams and wishing him all the best.

NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Event at Bronx New York -2021

Like so many New Yorkers, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams grew up with adversity—and overcame it.

As one of six children, born in Brownsville and raised in South Jamaica by a single mom who cleaned houses, Eric and his family did not always know if they would come home to an eviction notice on the front door or food on the table. And when he was beaten by police in the basement of a precinct house at 15, Eric faced a life-changing act of injustice.

But instead of giving into anger, Eric turned his pain into purpose and decided to change the police department from within. He joined the NYPD and became one of its most outspoken officers, calling out racism and bias in the department and pushing for major reforms.

As a founder of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, Eric would often police the streets in a bulletproof vest one day during the high-crime 1980’s and 1990’s and protest bad behavior by cops the next, marching side-by-side with his fellow civil rights advocates. He rose to the rank of captain, helping to build the first computerized system for tracking crime in the city, which led to historic gains in public safety.

Eric’s efforts to change policing began his lifelong work to improve and protect New York. From the NYPD, he moved on to the State Senate, where he represented sections of central and Brownstone Brooklyn. In Albany, Eric built winning coalitions to advance New York City’s values and goals, helping to push through measures to protect tenants and workers, combat gun violence, end the NYPD’s abuses of stop and frisk, and advance human rights — including marriage equality. He also became the first person of color to chair the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee.

Eric was then elected Brooklyn Borough President in 2013 by putting together a diverse coalition of Brooklynites to become the borough’s first Black leader. As the representative of one of the nation’s largest counties, Eric fought tirelessly to grow the local economy, invest in schools, reduce inequality, improve public safety, and advocate for smart policies and better government that delivers for all New Yorkers. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the city, Eric moved a mattress into his office and worked around the clock to deliver donated meals and PPE to essential workers and vulnerable New Yorkers, demanding government produce more equitable relief.

22 years: As a New York City Police Officer for 22-years, Eric honorably served the city and often risked his life for those he made an oath to protect.

4 terms: Eric served 4-terms as a New York State Senator fighting for the rights of his community and for people often left out of the political conversation.

7 years: The first African-American Borough President of Brooklyn, Eric served for 7-years positively impacting the lives of over 2.6 Million people.

We at World Liberty TV, like to thank Lenny Caro, AKA Mr. Bronx for his friendship for over 20 years, and his invite to this event and also thank Alfred Placeres who served on the Eric Adams, NYC Mayoral Committee for the Bronx fundraiser.

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NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Event at Bronx NY-2021

BY: Liliana Rocio, Senior Editor For World Liberty TV Like so many New Yorkers, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams grew up with adversity—and overcame it. As one of six children, born in Brownsville and raised in South Jamaica by a single mom who cleaned houses, Eric and his family did not always know if they...
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75th Birthday Celebration of Jackie Rowe-Adams Founder of Harlem Mother’s & Father’s (S.A.V.E.) at the Iconic Riverside Church NYC-2023

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NY City Council Speaker Adrienne E. Adams Presents Dominican Republicans Independence Celebration at Council Chambers, City Hall 2023

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Mayor Eric Adam’s first 100 Days and the future of NYC -2022

The Event started at Kings Theatre Brooklyn New York, the program started with The moderator introducing Detective Makia Brown, who performed the National Anthem, Firefighter Regina Wilson, Fire Department performed the Lift Every Voice and Sing.

After that the Religious leaders were introduced and bestowed a blessing and bought greetings for the Mayor. Imam Hassan Akbar, Bishop Victor Brown, Rabbi Moishe Indig, Venerable Youwang Shih, and Rabbi Rachel Timoner.

Mayor Adams, was introduced by the Moderator, he came out to Frank Sinatra’s Classic Song New York, New York. He had two pictures clutched in his hands one of his mother and another one of the First Black Mayor of New York City, Mayor David Dinkins. He placed his mother’s picture on the right side of the podium, and mayors Dinkins on the left side, as he was on the podium in the center.

The Mayor started off ,with I feel sorry for people that live in a small town and don’t live in New York. Just a good feeling, where we are, my fellow New Yorkers. We are here together at last. For two years, we have lived in an alternate version of our city, separated from friends, families, and colleagues, worried about going to school, to work, about staying healthy and our fear was justified.

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Mayor Bill De Blasio Dominican Day Parade Reception at Gracie Mansion -2018

The Dominican Day Parade (DDP) revealed the names of 23 extraordinary Dominicans driving change across the fields of science, health, public service, arts, business, law, philanthropy, education and other fields, who will be honored at this year’s benefit gala and parade.

Mayor  Bill De Blasio  held the Dominican Day Parade Reception at Gracie Mansion , alongside Chirlane McCray, New York’s First Lady. Many politicians were on hand, officers from Police ,FDNY and many Government agencies, with Dominican Background were in attendance and close to 2000 people were in attendance to enjoy the festivities leading up to the Dominican Day Parade 2018.

The Honoree was  Prince Royce, Pop performer who was presented a proclamation by Mayor Bill De Blasio, Proclaiming Thursday Aug 9th 2018 , The Prince Royce Day.

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