Strokes of Genius, Inc., World Autism Ability Awareness Artworks by Individuals Brooklyn NY -2018

By:Dr.Adal M.Hussain,Phd (AKA) Dr.Abbey ,Editor @ Large for World Liberty TV

Curated by Dr. Rosa Martinez, President of Strokes of Genius, Inc., World Autism Ability Awareness: “Don’t ‘dis’ the Ability”: Artworks by Individuals on the Autism Spectrum is an exploration of the mindsets, emotions and skills of these extraordinary artists, in spite of their social, cognitive, behavioral and verbal challenges. The exhibition includes over 100 artworks from 26 international and national artists affected by autism.

Autism art Exhibit

Dr.Abbey with Dr Martinez & Artists Amoko and Christopher

The mission of the exhibition is to expand understanding of the diversity of people on the autism spectrum, while educating the world about abilities and opportunities to encourage the advancement of every human being beyond their individual challenges. The participating artists share their contributions with the world as an extension of the message, “Don’t ‘dis’ – ability!”

Blind Entertainer

Dr.Abbey withTony DeBlois Blind with Autism Musician & Entertainer

WORLD AUTISM ABILITIES AWARENESS: An Art exhibition and live entertainment by renowned pianist “Tony DeBlois” (musician who is blind and autistic).

Artist with Autism

Dr.Abbey with Artist Justin Canha

About Strokes of Genius Inc: builds and supports artistic talents through the provision of educational, professional art studio experiences and workshops to Train The Talent (TTT sm) and further expand opportunities for inclusion and independence as a vehicle for the individual’s livelihood.

Guyanese /American With Autism

Christopher Narine Nankoo doing a live performance

Strokes of Genius strives to further expand opportunities for individuals who may be impaired socially, verbally, behaviorally and for those with a love or passion in creating art, by providing a vehicle from which to express themselves as well as generate income from their creativity.

Mother of Autism Artist

Dr.Rosa C. Martinez Founder Strokes of Genius with Stacey Nankoo

Due to the characteristic disabilities of some individuals with autism, many may be unemployable and the existing employment opportunities are also extremely limited. In addition, often times a family is overwhelmed with the care-taking of their loved one with autisim and opportunities to create a livelihood for their talented yet severely challenged individual are impossible to attain.

Artist With Autism

Justin Canha Artist with his father

Strokes of Genius seeks to empower the individual , Train The Talent  and showcase and sell the artist’s works, “by the artist” and “for the artist”! Strokes of Genius also helps individuals to develop an appropriate leisure skill in an area that makes them happy. It’s all about abilities and enjoyment for a fulfilling past time!

Strokes of Genius Inc Art Work Exhibit 2018

Art on Exhibit

Rosa C. Martinez, Ph.D., BCBA: Dr. Martinez has been working in the field of autism for more than 30 years. She has worked with infants, toddlers, preschool, school age, teenage and adult populations. She has a B.S. in Special Education from CCNY, a Masters degree in Adolescent Autism, a Masters of Philosophy, a Doctorate in Behavioral Disorders from Columbia University, and is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Dr. Martinez worked for the New York City Public School System for 17 years as a teacher and a behavior analyst. She has taught Education courses at the College of Staten Island, Long Island University, Touro College and Hunter College.

Blind with Autism Entertainer

Janice DeBlois with her son Tony DeBlois

She has lectured and presented at various conferences regarding Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis and has been instrumental in establishing ABA programs for young children with PDD and Autism..

Currently Dr. Martinez is currently the Dean of a special High School and is also involved in organizing art exhibitions in the United States featuring the artwork of autistic savants and individuals on the autism spectrum. She is the founder and President of Strokes of Genius, Inc (a non profit that empowers individuals on the autism spectrum.

Christopher with his family members

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